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1715 Wreck of the Urca de Lima

Florida Keys:
Playing in the Keys ,
Diving on the Duane , the Eagle
Key Biscayne Wall

West Palm Beach
Diving on the Mizpah / Corridore
and of course the Breakers
Diving the best of the Florida Reefs: Juno Ledges

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***** ***** January 2001 ***** *****


Down Under Dive Club , Dive The Tampa Aquarium Postponed til Feb! Dive the aquarium has some special requirements! Randy 722-1441
Dive Date Changed to Feb!
See Feb
Down Under Dive Club , Dive Disney Living Seas , all equipment furnished, be there around 4:00 PM, takes about 2 hours, about 30 min at up to 30 ft, wave hi to the visitors - Your Part Of The Show!! Dive Epcot's "Living Seas" Cost around $140. Marcia 777-6722
Jan 13

***** ***** February 2001 ***** *****


Down Under Dive Club , Dive The Tampa Aquarium The Jump-Into-The Aquarium has special requirements - postponed for a while! The group will go to the Aquarium and then Bush Gardens! Randy 722-1441
Feb 04
Down Under Dive Club , Bahamas Boat Ride over from Lauderdale on Discovery Cruise Ship at 6 AM. Thurs night till Sunday afternoon till Mon, 5 dives, $490, Harry 631-8302.
Feb 9-12
West Palm Beach - The Rampage
We dove the The Barge and The Breakers Reef . Dive Trip Report
Feb 17
Down Under Dive Club , Devil's Den - Dive the Florida Springs! Dive the cold clear water of Devil's Den in Wiliston (2 1/2 hr drive]. Rob 725-7829. Cost @ $35
Feb 24

***** ***** March 2001 ***** *****


Down Under Dive Club , Harbor Branch Tour , in Ft. Pierce, on the river, worth going to [No - don't bring your dive gear, this is not a dive] Randy 722-1441. Cost @ $45.
March 3
Down Under Dive Club , Biscayne Bay Dive the WALL in Biscayne Bay. The Wall is an awesome dive, must be advanced. It's a fast drift along a wall that goes from about 70 to 120 ft. You run out of wall the same time you run out of air and computer time. (See previous dive trip reports on this dive Aug 2, 98 , Mar 21, 98 ]. Cost $150, 2 afternoon and 2 morning dives, price with tanks. Margie 777-8427.
Note: Date Changed from Mar 10,11 to St. Patrick's Day Mar 17/18.
Mar 17,18
Islamorada/Spring Break Dive with the Suntree United Methodist "Chummers": Club - 2nd Annual. Dive boat 7:30 am Sat & Sun with Lady Cyana Divers . This is the weekend prior to Spring Break! E-mail Russ at More Info (from last year!) .
Mar 23-26
Down Under Dive Club , Belize - Turneffe Island Lodge Dive the Blue Hole and the Elbow. , Marcia 777-6722, $ 1550 = meals, 17 boat dives, airport pick-up, boat to island, and room. Airfare not included!
Mar 31 - Apr 7
West Palm Beach - The Rampage
Saturday Afternoon Dive . We dove the The Princess Ann (#) and The Breakers Reef (#). Dive Trip Report . This was the last day of lobster season!
Mar 31
End of Lobster Season
Mar 31

***** ***** April 2001 ***** *****


Sun-N-Fun, Lakeland, See lot's of airplanes! Watching the Air Show. Sitting and dreaming in the dream Aerobatic Plane
Apr 7-14
Down Under Dive Club Dive Boynton Beach , $45, Jeri 722-0812
April 21

***** ***** May 2001 ***** *****


Down Under Dive Club Dive , Full Moon Dive Jupiter, 7 PM, Stuart Diving Company, , the Blue Tang. Howl and the Moon!! $45, Tom 723-2240
May 05
Down Under Dive Club Party Time! Location TBA
May 12
Ocean Fest 2001 - Lauderdale-By-The-Sea
The Bacardi Limon Beach Dive Team will be doing an early Saturday Morning Beach Dive. Afterwards, go to Oceanfest. Dive talks, equipment, trips and shops on display. Dive Trip Report
May 19-20
Trailblazers Memorial Weekend Marathon Florida from Thursday night til Tuesday (6 days, 5 nights)! Dive Trip Report , *** PICTURES *** from the Keys
May 24-29
Down Under Dive Club Dive Memorial Keys Weekend Dive 2001 Jeri 773-0812, lots of dive trips Conch Republic and the Duane, Dolphin Resort and Marina on Big Pine Key (Sat, Sun and Mon nights), Key West Diving Society (Cayman or Joe's Tug), Looe Key Reef Resort night dive. $350.
May 26-28

***** ***** June 2001 ***** *****


Beach Dive Florida with the Bacardi Limon Beach Dive Team , Beach dive with ScubaGirl! Dive Trip Report
June 3
Beach Dive Florida with the Bacardi Limon Beach Dive Team , Beach dive on the URCA de Lima and Pepper Park! This is the first official full team dive. We will meet at the URCA de Lima at 8:00 am on Saturday, Conditions Permitting!! , Beach dive with ScubaGirl & The Irishman! Dive Trip Report
June 9
Down Under Dive Club , West Palm on The Rampage $40, afternoon dive, TJ 951-1059.
June 10
Beach Dive Florida with the Bacardi Limon Beach Dive Team , Rio Mar and the Boiler Wreck Dive Trip Report
June 16
Down Under Dive Club , Gray's Reef, Ga , 12 miles off Brunswick, Ga. Temp runs 55 to 80 deg! Randy 722-1441.
June 15-17
Down Under Dive Club , Shark Dive Shark Dive off West Palm Beach with Jim Abernathy, 6 divers max, 3 tanks - jump in after they've Chummed the water!! Cost $65. Contact Shoe at 254-5591, 752-8373, Dive Trip Report
June 23
Radio Station WIXC AM 1060 , Weeki Watchee Sunday Dive with the mermaids, $40 (?) TJ 321-951-1959 (h) / 321-693-8040 (cell). Canceled due to strong TBoomers on the west coast. So, we went to Pepper Park Dive Trip Report
June 24
Coalitiion Dive with Rochell , Morehead City, NC $498 gets 4 nights and 2 1/2 days of diving with Olympus Dive Center. Rochelle 777-0068, CANCELED!
6-27 - 7/1
Down Under Dive Club , Executive Board Meeting, Melbourne Public Library, 7 PM
June 27

***** ***** July 2001 ***** *****


After almost 2 years of battle, $$, frustration and Lawyers, it's now over!
Freedom At Last!
July 6
Down Under Dive Club , Dive Club Meeting and Ice Cream Social. Heninger Center, Melbourne, 7:30 PM
Pictures by Jeri (Club President): Sting Ray (325 k), Shark (134 k),
July 11
KSC Barracudas Scuba Diving Club, Cozumel, Mexico, Costa Club Hotel, 4 days of 3 tank diving and 1 day of 2 tank diving including lunch on the dive boat, R/T airfare from Orlando to Cozumel, $987, Beth 453-6522
July 8 - 15
Down Under Dive Club , Looe Key Music Festival , 5 dives, @185, TJ 951-1959, Margie 777-8427
July 14-15
Down Under Dive Club , Dry Tortugas Boat from fort Meyers (The Ultimate Getaway - a 100 ft cruiser), this dive was successfully run several years ago , Rob 725-7829, @$500 Trip Pictures by Don & Jeri
Thurs, July 19 to Sun July 22, 2001
Beach Dive Florida with the Bacardi Limon Beach Dive Team , Round Island Park, Ft. Pierce . We Went, We Attempted, We Were Conquered!! Dive Trip Report , Group Picture showing the waves: Beach Dive Pictures
Jul 17
The BIG 'D' is over! After 1 1/2 years of battles, court fees, and blood sucking attorney's (and ex's), The Judge Signed The Final Papers!!
July 19
Opening Day Sport Lobster Season (Mini-Season) 2nd Day of Bug Season - Last Wed & Thurs of the month. FMP 1-800-342-5367. With the strong winds, beach diving was a loss - Zero Vis, big waves etc. Those that made it out the inlets in boats found 4 ft plus waves!
July 25 / 26

***** ***** August 2001 ***** *****


Down Under Dive Club , Jupiter Full Moon Dive, Tom 259-5227 -or- 723-2240, $45
Aug 4
Opening of Lobster Season BUGS - Florida Marathon Marine Patrol Office (305)-289-2320. Florida Keys
Aug 6
Open Lobster Season Wayne - Sharks - Beach diving , while diving off the beaches of Vero, Wayne had an interesting venture with some BULL SHARKS in very low vis!! And, if you think that was a fluke look at this: Wayne Meets Tiger Shark (Updated)!
The Irishman dove off the Loran Towers in Great Conditions!! Irishman - Lobster - Stuart
Aug 10
Down Under Dive Club , Jupiter AM dive , 8 AM on Adventure Scuba, Sunday morning, $45, Marcia 777-6722
Aug 12
TrailBlazers , Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute , Vero, $8 adults, $5 kids, Okie at 777-0868 - Sunday!
Aug 19
Stuart - Jupiter , the 80 foot ledges for LOBSTER! Dive Trip Report
Aug 24
Brevard Hyperbaric Chamber , DAN Diver Days, , all day event (9 AM - 4 PM), multi tent display's, food, talks, Rebreathers etc. Across the street (to the east) from the Oaks Theater Mall at 1698 W Hibiscus Blvd, Melbourne. More Info , Map
Aug 25
Beach Dive Florida with the Bacardi Limon Beach Dive Team , Beach dive on the URCA de Lima Dive Trip Report
Aug 26
Down Under Dive Club , New Smyrna Beach Dive , Boat dive (Sea Dog Divers) not a beach dive, will be 2 wrecks - one is 400 ft long in 90 ft (Advanced) @$59 WITH TANKS Margie 777-8427. Note Changed date!! POSTPONED UNTIL SEPT 15
Aug 26
Venice Shark Tooth Fest! Well, they've changed the time of the year for this event. It's always been very HOT in August. I've measured 92 degrees while beach diving at 20 ft below the surface in 1 ft of vis! April 28/29, 2001
1999 Dive Trip Report: , Note Date Changed to April from precious August!!
Changed to April 28/29

***** ***** September 2001 ***** *****


Due to high winds over the past two years, I don't recommend hard commitments for diving this month - look at 1999 and 2001 data!
Ocean Fest 99 - It's Moved to June!
June ??
Miami Wrecks - Down Under dive Club . Price $?? Harry at 631-8302. Dive 1997 Trip Report , 1998 Trip Report . Last Updated: 09-August-2001
Sep 6
Stuart - Jupiter , the 80 foot ledges for LOBSTER! Dive Trip Report , and here's the Irishman with the Catch-Of-The-Day Dinner , and here's Lover Laurie looking at Dinner .
Sept 7
Down Under Dive Club , New Smyrna Beach Dive , Boat dive (Sea Dog Divers) not a beach dive, will be 2 wrecks - one is 400 ft long in 90 ft (Advanced) @$59 WITH TANKS Margie 777-8427. Note Changed date!! Note: CANCELED DUE TO HURRICANES, will be re-scheduled!
Sept 15
Down Under Dive Club , Loggerhead in Boynton Dive Jeri 733-0812, cost TBD, time TBD
Sept 29

***** ***** October 2001 ***** *****


Dry Tortugas , Oct 2-4, Mon PM Board, 3PM Back at dock, out of Key West, $625. Jim 723-2674
Oct 2-4
Down Under Dive Club , Surprise Dive Jeri 733-0812, cost TBD, time TBD, Location et al TBD
Oct 13
The EX Buys The House . What Luck, instead of giving a lot of grief, My EX Buys out my half of the house! Now I can pay the attorney bills off!
Oct 16
KSC Barracudas Scuba Diving Club, Bonair, Netherlands, Antilles, Buddys Dive Resort, 6 days of 1 tank boat diving, ulimited tanks and air for shore diving, full American Breakfast, R/T from Miami to Bonaire, rental vehicle, $1025, Max 452-1435. June 15, 2001 deadline.
Oct 13 - 20
West Palm Beach - Dive Charter, 3 tank & lunch trips!
Saturday Dive: We dove the The Mizpah and The Middle and The Breakers Reef . Dive Trip Report . The water's still a little rough!
Oct 20
Down Under Dive Club , Welcome Home Angie Dive Margie 777-8427, cost TBD, time TBD
Oct 27-8
Looe Key and Key West Fantasy Fest 2 nights stay at the Looe Key resort (Fri & Sat) with a two tank dive on the beautiful reefs in the marine sanctuary of Looe Key. Sat afternoon and evening, for the brave, will be in Key West (you supply your own transportation) enjoying the Key West style Mardi Gras festivities - costumes (or lack of) and fun for Halloween. Sun morning there are two dives in Looe Key.
On Oct 17 (2001), a 210' freighter will be sunk one mile off the Looe Key area and one of our dives should be on this newly sunk wreck. A great weekend that will be long remembered Prices and more info TBD
Oct ??
COZUMEL SPLASH! , 8 days/7nights, LARGE room, All meals, drinks, Four two tank dives, Beach parties, Sailing, kayaking, volleyball! $1165 from Orlando,, Christine 725-2351
Oct 20-27

***** ***** November 2001 ***** ******


2000 miles of Bicycling This Year! , Every year, the Irishman set's a goal of bicycling at least 2000 miles. I bike 11 miles ever noon time, weather permitting. Odometer Pics
Nov 22
Stuart - Jupiter , the 80 foot ledges for LOBSTER! Dive Trip Report , 5-6 foot seas a very rough day (But we got BUGS!)
Nov 23

***** ***** December 2001 ***** *****


Down Under Dive Club , Key Biscayne - The Wall! The Wall is an awsome dive, worth going on. The Wall Margie 777-8427
Dec 8-9
Stuart / Jupiter For Lobster The Irishman and Capt Bob off the Loran Towers in almost shit Conditions!! Irishman - Lobster - Stuart 2 - 5 foot close spaced waves 5 miles out made for a rough trip!!
Dec 29

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