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***** ***** January 1998 ***** *****
*** Date ***
Ft. Lauderdale Down Under dive Club
Canceled due to 25 Knot winds from the East - Waves 9-12 Ft!
Jan 03
Blue Grado , Local Explorer Group, Meet at PDI Dive Shop Melbourne . $20, meet at PDI Dive Shop 6 am. Cost is $20 park entrance fee. We are planning on taking 2 tanks per person. If you want to do a 3rd dive, you will need $5 for your fill. Tanks and equipment can be rented from PDI as follows: Regulator - $15, BC - $12, Tank - $7, Wet Suit - $15, Weight Belt - $5 w/ weight As usual, she will cap all rental costs at $25. To get this rate, you must call PDI by Thursday evening and tell them that they are going on the Saturday trip with the Explorers and what equipment they'll need. They must pick up the equipment by 6:00 PM on Friday.). The tanks can be returned on Saturday when we get back.
Check out the WEB SITE Dave Speer (w), (h) Dive Trip Report
Jan 17

***** ***** February 1998 ***** *****
*** Date ***
Dive West Palm Beach - RAMPAGE!! Great Dive & Dive Partner. Dive Trip Report Dive # 102 & 103
Dive Locations: Owens & Rolls Royce, King Neptune Statue
Feb 01
Dive West Palm Beach - RAMPAGE!! Trip cancled due to poor vis from a recent NorEaster! .
Feb 08
Boca Raton - 2 Tank Dive - Dixie Divers Palm Bay, (407)-723-8888, $39.
Last Updated 08-Feb-98 Canceled due to weather!
Feb 15

***** ***** March 1998 ***** *****
*** Date ***
Key Biscayne - south of Miami, North of Key Largo, Depth 70'-100', Wall dive, 4 dives, tanks & wieghts. Overnight at Hampton Inn. Dixie Divers (407)-723-8888. $100. Dive Trip Report Dive # 104 to 107
Dive Locations: Stairway to Heaven - Ball buoy, Virginia Beach, The WALL , Virginia - Buoy 2
March 21-22
Boynton Beach - Down Under dive Club , Chuck Delmater, (407)-773-1177, Price $35 (?)
March 28
Marathon Sea Food Fest / Bug Diving , This Author!! Sunday Morning, 7:30 am, we fly to Marathon, go to the Fest (they specialize in Florida Lobster Dinners, then an afternoon dive for Lobster. The Season closes then!
98 - One of the BEST Flights, Sea Food Fest's, and Dive For Bugs Trips in a long time!! Dive Trip Report Dive # 111
Dive Locations: Elbow Reef
March 29

***** ***** April 1998 ***** *****

*** Date ***
West Palm Beach - Down Under dive Club , Bob Reed (407)-952-3921, Price #30, Diving Solutions Boat, 7:45 AM
Apr 18
Miami Wreck Dives - off Lauderdale Dive with Pro Dive, trip includes 4 wreck dives, overnight accommodations (double occupancy) at the Beach Plaze Hotel in Lauderdale, Tanks & Weights for 2 dives (you supply for other 2 dives). Dixie Divers Palm Bay, (407)-723-8888, $119.
Apr 18-19
BEACH DIVES Venice Florida - Dive for Shark's teeth!! Leave Orlando Sat, around 7:30l back late afternoon. Probably a beach dive. E-mail the Irishman for more info!!! Dive Trip Report Dive # 108
Dive Locations: Venice Beach for Shark's Teeth
Apr 25
BEACH DIVES , Space Coast Descenders, Meet in Melbourne Sunday, at 6:30 or at Pepper Park in Ft. Pierce at 7:30. High tide around 8 will restrict this to probably only one dive due to visibility!!! Dive Trip Report Dive # 109
Dive Locations: Ft. Pierce, Pepper Park
Apr 26
West Palm Beach - SunFest . Flagler Drive, West Palm Beach. 800-SUNFEST
Apr 29 - May 03


***** ***** May 1998 ***** *****
*** Date ***
Dive Trip, West Palm Beach, The Rampage (1-800-525-0876) Dive Trip Report Dive # 112 & 113
Padi Pete's Dive Trip Report
Dive Locations: Princess Ann, The Breakers
May 3
Dive Trip, West Palm Beach, The Rampage (1-800-525-0876) Dive Trip Report Dive # 114 & 115
Dive Locations: Flower Garden, Breakers
May 10
Dive Trip, West Palm Beach, Kollers%20Reef - Dive Charter, 3 tank & lunch trips! (1-800-525-0876, 407-630-9400) Dive Trip Report Dive # 116 -to 118
Dive Locations: Flower Garden, Bath and Tennis, Breakers
May 25
Dive Trip, West Palm Beach, The Rampage (1-800-525-0876) Flower Garden, Breakers and Juno Ledges Twice Dive Trip Report Dive # 119 - 122
Dive Locations: Flower Garden, Breakers, Juno Ledges & Juno Ledges a 2nd time!
May 30/31

***** ***** June 1998 ***** *****
*** Date ***
Dive Trip, West Palm Beach, The Rampage (1-800-525-0876)
Dive Trip Report # 1 Double Ledges, Long Drift of Breakers, Twilgith Mitzpa et al. Dive # 123 to 125
Dive Trip Report # 2 Princess Ann, Bath & Tennis. Dive # 126 - 127
Dive Locations: Double Ledges, Breakers, Mitzpa, Princess Ann, Bath & Tennis
June 6 / 7
Dive Trip, West Palm Beach, The Rampage (1-800-525-0876). Space Coast Descenders dive for the Junior Open Water divers (12 - 15 years youne).
Dive Trip Report # 1 Double Ledges, Long Drift of Breakers Dive # 128 - 129. Padi Pete's Dive Trip Report
Dive Locations: Breakers and again the Breakers
June 13
Pompano Beach - Down Under dive Club , Jim Boates (407)-725-0394, Price TBD, Feed the StingRay, 1 PM Dive
Jun 13
SpearFishing rodeo , Sponsored by Dixie Divers of Palm Bay (407)-723-8888. Entry is free.
Jun 13-14
Dive Trip, West Palm Beach, The Rampage (1-800-525-0876)
Padi Pete's Dive Trip Report
June 20
West Palm - Down Under dive Club , Bob Reed (407)-952-3921, Price @ $30
Last Updated 11-Jun-98
Jun 27
Dry Tortugas - Down Under Dive Club , Leave Thrus night 7 PM, Ft. Meyers Beach on 100' Ultimate Getaway (Live-A-Board Boat). dive Friday all day (25'-70', Vis 40'-100'), sat Ft. Jefferson Park, Sunday dive Gulf of Mexico (120' wreck dive). CANCELED!
West Palm Beach, Down Under dive Club , Call Bob Reed 407-952-3921, $30, Doug & Tracies Boat - Diving Solutions - 800-797-7771.
Last Updated 16-Jun-98
Jun 27
Dive Trip, West Palm Beach, The Rampage (1-800-525-0876) Dive Trip Report Dive Trip Report , Dives # 130 - 135
Dive Locations: Bath & Tennis, Mitzpa et al, Trench, Paul's Reef, Breakers
June 27-29
Key Largo / Marriott . Dive the Duane and Carysforth Reef. $ TBD. Weekend before the 4th of July. Friday night til Sunday or Monday. e-mail this author!
Jun 27-29

***** ***** July 1998 ***** *****
*** Date ***
Looe Key Reef Resort - Looe Key Underwater Music Festival - Dixie Divers - Palm Bay , mm 27 1/2. If you've never done Looe Key - it's worth doing at least ONCE! Recent divers have had a great time!!! Price $179
1997 Bad Trip . Florida Keys Guide
Last Updated 11-Jun-98
July 10-12
Dive Trip, West Palm Beach, The Rampage (1-800-525-0876)
Dive Trip Report Mitzpa et al, Bath and Tennis, My Dive # 136 & 137
July 12
Dive Trip, Ft. Pierce: Pepper Park, Pre-Lobster Season Bug Check
Dive Trip Report My Dive # 138
July 19
West Palm - Down Under dive Club , Bob Reed (407)-952-3921, Price @ $30, Diving Solutions - Boats: Secure, Spot
Last Updated 01-Jul-98
July 25
Dive Trip, Ft. Pierce: Pepper Park, Pre-Lobster Season Bug Check
Dive Trip Report: My Dive: None - We didn't dive
July 26
Dive Key Largo - Space Coast Descenders Saturday Afternoon drive to Florida City - the end of the Fl turnpike. Rooms are cheap (TBD). Dive with "It's A Dive" out of the Mariott on Sunday morning. Two tank dive, tanks included. Total Cost Less Than $100. -or- Updates To Come. Possible to go down Sat morning dive in the afternoon and evening - lots of combinations! See Dive Trip
Dive Trip Report:

----- Read about previous dive trips ------

Thanksgiving in Key Largo Trip Report Dive the Duane
Dive Locations: Christ Statue - Key Largo dry Rocks, Greacian Rocks, Coast Guard Cutter Duane, Molasses Tower - Windlass Wreck, duane, Molasses Reef - Welwood wreck
Key Largo (4 Days, 14 Dives) Trip Report
Dive Locations: Key Largo - Coast Guard Cutter Duane, French Reef, The Elbow - City of Washington, South Ledges and the Elbow, Duane, French Reef - Christmas Tree at buoy F4, Carysfort Reef No. 2, South Carysfort Reef No. 2, Duane, Molasses reef - Fire Coral Cave

July 25 / 26
Sports Divers Mini Lobster Season BUGS - 2 day event. Florida Maring Patrol Office (305)-289-2320. Florida Keys Guide . E-mail this Irishman@SpryNet.Com -Beach Dive Vero / Ft. Pierce!! 1st dives for BUGS!
1998 - Wednesday & Thursday - Beach Dive Vero and Ft. Pierce, Low tide around 7 am!
Dive Trip Report:
July 29-30

***** ***** August 1998 ***** *****
*** Date ***
Biscayne Bay - The Wall , Dixie Divers in Palm Bay, Sat. 1:30 2 tanks, Sun. 8:30 2 tanks, room for overnight - $100 + tx.
Great Dive Trip Report: See Last Trip Report from 23-Mar-98
Aug 1 & 2
Venice Florida Sharks Tooth and Seafood Festival , at the new Venice Airport Festival Grounds,
FLY to VNC VNC . Been to this one, worth going to. Very friendly FBO. Venice Area Chamber supplied names of dive shops: Florida Gulf Coast Diver (941)-483-3483 and Our World Dive Center (941)-483-3474. Chamber 1-800-940-shar(k), or 941-488-2236
Last Updated 27-Apr-98
Aug 8-9
Dive Trip to Key Largo by Lisa : Dive Trip Report & Pictures!!
Dove: Elbow Reef, Wreck of the City of Washington, South South Ledges, Dry Rocks, The Christ of the Abyss Statue, North North Dry Rocks, Molasses Reef, Winch Hole, Spanish Anchor.
Aug 8-9
Full Moon Dive at West Palm Beach Down Under dive Club , Call Tom Butler (407)-723-2240 (ev) (407)-259-5227 (dy), $30, 5th Annual, Doug & Tracies Boat - Diving Solutions - 800-797-7771. Boat leaves 7 PM, be there 6 PM.
Bad Dive Trip Report with Diving Solutions Great Sunday Dive with RAMPAGE!
Last Updated 13-Aug-98
Aug 8-9
Opening of Lobster Season BUGS - Florida Maring Patrol Office (305)-289-2320. Florida Keys Guide
Aug 06
Bimini or Walker's Cay, Margie Mullns, (407)-777-8427, $ TBD, Down Under Dive Club
Last Updated 11-Jun-98
Aug 28-30

***** ***** September 1998 ***** *****
*** Date ***
Weekend in the Keys - Marathon. Fiona - 407-726-9091 $ TBD
Sept 3-7
Dive Trip, West Palm Beach, The Rampage (1-800-525-0876)
Dive Trip Report Paul's Reef and the Breakers, Really Bad Weather, Really Strong Current, Really GREAT FAST DRIFT DIVE , My Dive # 148 & 149
Sept 05
Ocean Fest 98 - Lauderdale-By-The-Sea . Friday - Exhibits open 6PM, Night Beach Dive & Beach Party. Saturday - Exhibits open 10 AM, Shore & Boat Diving, Treasure Hunt, Underwater Photo Contest. 7 PM Film Fest and Beach Party. Sunday Exhibits open 10 AM, Shore & Boat Diving, Reef Clean-Up. Chamber 800-699-6764, Ocean Fest 98 (954)-776-1000. Ocean Fest 98 & Dive WPB Trip Report
Last Updated: 05-July-98
Sept 18-20
Miami Wrecks - Down Under dive Club . Dive 1997 Trip Report , 1998 Trip Report , . Chuck Delmater (407)-773-1177. Price est at $100 for 98. Afternoon, Night and Morning - 5 tank dives.
Last Updated 16-Jun-98 - This may be the last MW dive, there selling the dive boat!
Sep 19-20

***** ***** October 1998 ***** *****
*** Date ***
Islamorada (800-FAB-KEYS) Indian Key Festival ,Contact Friends of the Islamorada Area State Parks 305-664-4704, Ext 673 -or- 305-453-0622, Mile Marker 80 - See Also Dive Page. Florida Keys Guide - Info
Haven't been to this one, hear you can only get to it by boat, will find out and post it!! Others have said the festival is really neat. You can only get there by boat, though the organizers run boats from a pier at Mile Marker 80 on Islamorada. I'm looking for a dive partner to go to this one with - if interested send e-mail!
Last Updated 01-Apr-98
Oct 3-4
Jupiter Sunday Oct 4th! Hurricane Danielle threatened the previous dive, but the Down Under Dive Club members did not fear the high winds. The comment from members "Jupiter has never been so calm". The dive will be run again! Dive with Diving Adventures II , 800-746-1555, Jupiter, FL. 12 spots are reserved!! Be at the dive boat at 8:15! cost $35 (DUDC members). Down Under Dive Club. Contact Kim (407)-254-6318. Kim has promised to try to do Juno Ledges - no guarantee's! 1998 Trip Report ,
Last Updated 05-Oct-98
Oct 4
West Palm Beach - 3 Tanks and Lunch Kollers Reef Dive Charters Sunday Oct 11, at the last meeting there was a lot of interest in doing another 3 tank and lunch dive out of West Palm Beach! Sunday morning, Oct 11, Koller's Reef! Currently the boat leaves the dock at 8 am, but that will probably move to 9 or 10 am if Rodney doesn't get an afternoon charter. Cost is $60 - includes tanks, weights, lunch and a 1 in 12 chance to win a t-shirt! Were holding the dive to 12 divers for the trip. It will take a $20 deposit to hold your spot! Space Coast Descencers Contact Dave at REALLY GREAT DIVE - TRIP REPORT
Last Updated 13-Oct-98
Oct 11
Boca & Miami / 4 Wreck Dives Diving off the Safari charter boat out of Boca Inlet. The first wreck is the Noula Express, a 114' steelhulled Danish freighter sunk in July 1988. She sits in 71' of water and there is a small sub located just southeast of the wheelhouse section. The second dive is the Sea Emperor, a 100' barge resting in 72' of wter. Stingrays, nurse sharks and big jewfish are often sighted on this wreck. There is also an army tank just on the other side of the barge. After the dives, we will dirve to South Beach (Miami) where our accomodations are at Howard Johnson's. Sunday morning the 1st dive is the R.J. Diving Adventures onto the tug Miss Patricia. She is settled in 55' of water and rises jost over 20' off the sand. She has an intact wheelhouse creating a classic tug profile. The last dive is the Freighter #7! The trip includes 4 wreck dives, one night accommodations (dbl occp) for $129. Dixie Divers, Palm Bay, Florida, (407)-723-8888
Last Updated 17-Sept-98
Oct 10-11
Pennekamp Dive trip to John Pennekamp State Park! Arrive Friday afternoon, camp overnight (your own equipment). Sat morning board a 15 people boat for a 2 tank dive. Upon the return, there will be a cookout of burgers and dogs (you supply) plus lots of great dive talks. Sat eveining is yours to enjoy exploring the Upper Keys or maybe grabbing (you pay for) a night dive with one of the local dive operators. Sunday morning starts with another two tank dive. Hotel's are available (Travel Lodge at mm 99) in place of camping! cost is $85 for campers, $153 for Hotel's. Down Under Dive Club. Call Bob - (407)-723-7829 or Randy (407-722-1441.
Last Updated 17-Sept-98
Oct 16-18
Haunted Happenings in West Palm Beach It's a spook-fest weekend! Join the Haunted Happenings, dive inWPB and scare your favoride dive buddy! (No cutting of air hose). Halloween night is a 2 tank afternoon dive and a night dive. Events include an underwater pumpkin carving contest. You could win fabulous prizes such as a cool shirt or a free dive trip!! The price is right and includes tanks!! The optional hotel package includes beachfront on Singer Island and an optional Sunday morning 2 tank dive. Celebrate All Hallow Eve on Clematis Street or lounge at the Tiki Bar and rest up for the morning dive. Down Under Dive Club. Call Margie (407)-777-8427
Last Updated 17-Sept-98
Oct 31-Nov 01
Looe Key and Key West Fantasy Fest 2 nights stay at the Looe Key resort (Fri & Sat) with a two tank dive on the beautiful reefs in the marine sanctuary of Looe Key. Sat afternoon and evening, for the brave, will be in Key West (you supply your own transportation) enjoying the Key West style Mardi Gras festivities - customes (or lack of) and fun for Halloween. Sun morning there are two dives in Looe Key. On Oct 17, a 210' freighter will be sunk one mile off the Looe Key area and one of our dives should be onthis newly sunk wreck. A great weekend that will be long remembered - $229 - dbl occup. Dixie Divers, Palm Bay, Florida, (407)-723-8888.
Last Updated 16-Sept-98
Oct 30 - Nov 01

***** ***** November 1998 ***** ******
*** Date ***
Crystal River - Manatee Dives Time to enjoy the wonderful playful 'sea cows' that everyone loves to dive or snorkel with for hours. Some of the dive sights offered at Crystal Rive are King's Bay that has large tarpoon hanging out along with other freshwater fish and there is a cavern at the sight (bring a light). Another area is the Three Sisters Spring with great crystal clear waters coming from the springs and the manatees are all over the site. This trip includes: 2 boat dives Sat afternoon, 2 boat dives Sun morning and one night accommodatins at the Days Inn - $69 - dbl occp. Dixie Divers, Palm Bay, Florida, (407)-723-8888.
Last Updated 16-Sept-98
Nov 14-15

Key Biscayne - THE WALL


This trip has become so popular!! Great reef dives and the now famous WALL DIVE are on the agenda (See previous dive trip reports). Two dives Sat afternoon, two dives Sunday morning (one is the wall dive) and one night accommodation at the Hampton Inn at Florida City - $100.
Fromt the IRISHMAN - if they can get 16 people, they will dive the wall on Sat and on Sun (Twice) !!!!
Great Dive Trip Report: See Last Trip Report from 23-Mar-98
Last Updated 17-Sept-98
Nov 28-29
Dive Trip, West Palm Beach, The Rampage (1-800-525-0876)
Dive Trip Report Paul's Reef, Breakers, Princess Ann, Breakers! My Dive # 159 - 162
Nov 28 / 29

***** ***** December 1998 ***** *****
*** Date ***
Dive Trip, West Palm Beach,
Dive Trip Report - Trip Canceled due to rough seas - Winds 20 knots out of the SE!
Dec 12
Dive Trip, West Palm Beach, The Rampage (1-800-525-0876)
Dive Trip Report Princess Ann, Breakers, My Dive # 163, 164
Dec 19
Dive Trip, West Palm Beach, Kollers%20Reef - Emily's Dive Trip:
Dive Trip Report
Dec 27
Dive Trip, West Palm Beach, The Rampage (1-800-525-0876)
Dive Trip Report Juno Ledges, Princess Ann, Breakers, My Dive # 163, 164
Dec 27

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