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Updated 28-Jan-2011

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Year 2004 Hurricanes Beach Dive Locations Pictures - before, during and after!

Beach Dive Locations between Ft. Pierce and Sebastian

WERE pretty much NOT-accessable!

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Recommended West Palm Beach Dive Operatons!

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Last Updated: 28-Dec-2006
Due to some Life Style Changes, I've made some suttle changes to this home page.


The sizes of pictures have been reduced to cut bandwidth costs! Due to some life style changes, my weekly diving is curtailed - but I'll still be getting into the water and still supporting the local dive opeations!

Florida Festivals

Some of the Greatest Festivals in the State of Florida. Some you can FLY to, some you must drive to. We'll post any arrangements where you might be able to fly . Festivals specialize in Stone Crab Claws, Florida Lobster, Clams, Scallops, Cajun etc. Also, Some of the Best Diving is in Florida. We'll post some of our experiences.

Great Sea Food Festivals - some out of the way (Cedar Key, Everglades), some real big (Plant City Strawberry Festival), some unusual - the La Belle Swamp Cabbage Festival!

Dive The Florida Reefs and Wrecks

Florida also offer's some of the best diving in the world - year round in warm water (90's in the summer, 70's in the winter)! Lot's of colors, fish, reef's, wrecks, springs, caves, beach dives etc! Ya don't need an FAA Physical to do these dives! Ya don't need clearance to enter the TCA to do the dives - just show up at the boat!

Who Am I?

The Irishman - use to live in Satellite Beach, Florida - just south of Cocoa Beach (remember "I Dream Of Genie" and Ron Jon's Surf Shop) and the Shuttle launch pad. Now I'm in Saint Cloud, Florida

The Irishman's hobbies use to include flying single engine airplanes (Cessna 172's, Piper Warrior, and by far the most fun - Citibria's and Decathlon's) - haven't flown is a while though! But, there still are some fun Sea Food Festivals to Fly to! So, unfortunately, since I'm not flying to the local Florida Sea Food Fests - I'll add any new data that I get to a separate "New Flying Festival's" page. I'll leave the availbable data up, I no longer have to put up with the FAA - Ya don't need a yearly medical or need to have a registered mechanic work on your dive gear!!! As time permits, I'll fix some of the html links!

So now, my favorite hobbies are Diving (look over the supplied years of data), and bicycle riding (on and off road)!

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Bacardi Limon Beach Dive Team

Description - - - - - Locations - - - - - Pictures

1715 Wreck of the Urca de Lima ***** New Pictures Aug 2002 *****

The Boiler Wreck [The Breconshire] in Vero sunk in 1894

Florida Keys:
Playing in the Keys: 2001 , 2002 , 2004
Diving on the Duane , the Eagle , the Bibb , the Spiegle Grove
Key Biscayne Wall

West Palm Beach
Diving on the Mizpah / Corridore
and of course the Breakers
Diving the best of the Florida Reefs: Juno Ledges

Florida Dive Locations, Shops, Boats & Links

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Going to the many Sea Food Festivals in the state is also of prime importance in the life of a Floridaian. The best way to get to some of them is to fly. Below is a list of some of the Sea Food Festivals in the state and information as to their fly-in capability!!

Florida - Great flying weather 360 days of the year!

[Not guaranteed to be Correct, Accurate or Up-To-Date, But We Try!]

Best Florida Sea Food Festivals To Fly To!

Airports - - Flying Places

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