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1715 Wreck of the Urca de Lima The Boiler Wreck [The Breconshire] in Vero.

Beach Dive Pictures

Last Updated: 15-May-2003

May 19, 2001 - Beach Dive in Lauderdale at OceanFest : Pic-1 , Pic-2 , Pic-3

June 09, 2001 - Beach Dive on the 1715 Wreck of the URCA de Lima in Ft. Pierce. Jessica, Irishman, Jacob and Laura prepare the Snorkeler's Boat. Yes, even the kids went snorkeling 1/4 mile off shore in 11 ft of water and loved it!! Pic-1 , Pic-2 . And, as part of using the Snorkeler Boat (S. S. Neimsis), Rowing Lessons are in order: Pic-3

June 16, 2001 - Preparing the "Snorkel Boat" for diving at Rio Mar in Vero Beach: Pic-1 . Rio Mar Beach Dive Crew Pic-2

July 17, 2001 - Beach Dive at Round Island Park just north of Pepper Park in Ft. Pierce. This dive was aborted due to BIG waves (from a diver's point of view that is)! This picture shows what kind of waves that you should not attempt to beach dive in. On the right is The Irishman and Laura: Pic-1

Another picture of the Attempted Beach Dive at Round Island park: Pic-2 . Laura and the Irishman prepare the Snorkeler's Boat at Round Island Park for a Beach Dive: Pic-3 . After the aborted beach dive, we decided to clean our dive gear in the community bool. Laura practices one of the most important diver signals - SHARK - and it's not a nurse shark! Pic-4

And, as most beach divers are aware of - there's always the Ocean Dive Kayak's to add speed getting to the far off reefs. Here the Irishman and Laura test Ocean Kayak's: Irishman , Laura

11-June-2000 ,

Unk Date , Unk Date , 17-June-2000 , 01-July-2000
31-July-1999 Treasure Shores Park
28-June-2000 Ampersand Park,

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