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August Shipment
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These prices are valid up to the receipt of the products in September.

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Updated 14-July-2011

GN-Tissue Holder, 30" - $56

EB-Tray 4 Compartment square, Acacia, 1"H X 10.5"L - $25

EB-Tray Scallop Shell - Acacia or Kamani wood, 1"H x 14"L x 10"W - $25

DZ-Tray Square , Acacia Rattan weave, 1"H 10"W 10"L - $20

EB-Tray with Center cup, Rattan Weave, Acacia Rattan, 3"H x 13.5L - $24

EB-Tray with dip center, solid wood, Acacia, 2.5" X 13.5L - $30

DZ-Tray-1 Rectangle tray, 3H 6W 15L - $25

DZ-Tray-4 Banana Leaf Tray , 2H 7W 26L - $29

DZ-Tray-5 Round Tray , 3H 14W 14L - $25

GN-Wooden Wine Cup, Acacia, - $5

Note: Due to the complexity of matching the pictures with the actual item ordered, the pictures supplied may not exactly match the product you will receive.
Also, the calculation of the partial shipment cost for each item is complex, the above prices may be inaccurate. Please request a FIRM QUOTE, if you are really interested in a particular product.