Philippines Fine Woodwork, LLC

We are following the progress of our container shipment

from Baguio City to Florida

Updated 24-Sept-2011

Ships Route to us!

23-Aug-2011 - Tuesday - Load the container in Baguio City and Drive to Manila

27-Aug-2011 - Saturday - Load container on Container Ship ALTAVIA LRR4, Trip 1307-039N

30-Aug-2011 - Tuesday - ALTAVIA LRR4 sales from Manila to Kaohsiung ( island of Taiwan]

01-Sept-2011 - Thursday - Container is transferred to the Container Ship EVER DEVOTE 0590-082E Kaohsiung to Savannah

01-Sept-2011 - Thursday - Container Ship EVER DEVOTE:
Position Recorded on: 2011-09-01T02:59:00 (UTC)
Lat/Lon: 21.852671 / 121.0467
Speed/Course: 22.5 kn / 90

12-Sept-2011 - Kaohsiung, Tawain to Savannah, Ga
Position Recorded on: 2011-09-12T12:06:00 (UTC)
Lat/Lon: 30.950171 / -131.1732
Speed/Course: 21 kn / 108

19-Sept-2011 - Kaohsiung, Tawain to Savannah, Ga
Position Recorded on: 2011-Sept-19
Latitude / Longitude: 9.27074 / -79.92292
Almost through the Panama Canal!

13-Sept-2011 - Shipment arrives at Savannah, Ga

Container Ship EVER DEVOTE is due in Savannah, Ga on Sept 23.

Our container will then be trucked to Orlando.