Florida Keys The WALL

The WALL dive is a fast drift dive along a wall that goes from 65 ft to 120 ft in the sand. Only one Dive Shop run's this dive. More data will be posted - it's already out there on my home page, just gotta put in the links

Pictures and links to trip reports will be a coming!!

21/22-March-1998 Saturday Afternoon Dive: Stairway to Heaven - Ball Buoy (@ 10 miles east of the park) 22 for 40 min., Virginia Beach 28 for 40 min., Sunday Wall Dive: Data not recorded (sorry, will try to look it up)

1/2-Aug-1998 Saturday afternoon dive: Virginia beach Ball #5, 26 ft for 46 min, Pacific Reef Light, 24 feet for 41 min. Sunday morning dive: The Wall Drift Dive: 102 feet for 31 min , Highway To Heaven Ball #2, 24 feetfor 56 min.

West Palm Beach - The CAVE

07-July-1999 , The Cave, 139 feet for 26 min.

07-July-1999, Em's Trip Report The Cave, 138 feet for 17 min.

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