West Palm Beach, Riverwalk - the 4 wrecks recently sunk - 30-Oct-2004


I've adapted a Wadespage photo viewer to the PBCRRT website and used it to post photos from the Riverwalk dive last Sunday. Apologies for some of the buttons being non-reefteam colors, etc, but the photos are there.

The funky colors of a few of them (lavender, etc) are due to the variation in lighting over the term of the dive. I was shooting digital, with natural light and a white balance set to correct the sand to white. The background water haze then got corrected differently if the sun was in my face or behind me, or when it went into the clouds for a while. Still, we can see the wreck damage.

Note the Help button, read if necessary. Ditto for the Trip Report. Note some photos have a "Large" button. It's a full screen view. Click if you have a fast modem, or some liesure time. The are probably worth it.


Wade G. Pemberton [w_pemberton@sprynet.com]

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And here's a link to some pictures of the 180 foot M.V. Thozina as she was sunk on 15-Dec-2002


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