Beach Dive Locations after the Hurricanes 14-Oct-2004

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South Beach Park, just south of Rio Mar. This was the only park that was open - open for swimming only!
BDLocs-14Oct04-047x.jpg BDLocs-14Oct04-047x
Entrance to South Beach Park - it's in good shape.
BDLocs-14Oct04-048_t.jpg BDLocs-14Oct04-048_t
Rest rooms are open.
BDLocs-14Oct04-049_t.jpg BDLocs-14Oct04-049_t
The Showers are working.
BDLocs-14Oct04-050_t.jpg BDLocs-14Oct04-050_t
The beach access if filled with a few feet of sand.
BDLocs-14Oct04-051_t.jpg BDLocs-14Oct04-051_t
The lifeguard stand to the right is under about 5 feet of sand.
BDLocs-14Oct04-052_t.jpg BDLocs-14Oct04-052_t
Looking to the north isn't tooo bad.
BDLocs-14Oct04-053_t.jpg BDLocs-14Oct04-053_t
Looking back to the walkway - Lot's of Sand.