Real Big Jew Fish (The VW Bus) on the Eagle, Fl Keys
Big Jew Fish Picture (38k) - Computer Enhanced

Original Color Picture

The VW Bus Size Jew Fish , taken on the Eagle. . I'm at about 80' depth by the bow of the Eagle, on the top (port side of the ship) and this fish is 25 - 30 feet below me!!! I've measured the sand at 113 feet on other dives. We Estimated this fish at 400 - 500 lbs and 10 ft long !!

We were diving with Conch Republic Divers in Tavanier - The Keys, Florida on the Eagle . While swimming towards the bow of the boat on the side of the boat (remember the Eagle is on its side so I was on the shallower part of the wreck), I looked over the bow and was able to quickly grab a picture of this big fish. After I put the camera down, we swam down towards the sand. The fish was nowhere to be seen! Where could this VW Bus size fish go to?

Last Updated: 29-April-2003

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