04-Sept-1997, Subject: Dive Report
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Dive Trip Report - West Palm Beach - RAMPAGE

Dive # 1 , 04-Oct-97, 1st morning dive
a. Dive Location: Princess Ann
b. Conditions: Typical Florida Clear Blue Skies (CBS), calm seas and Clear Blue Water (CBW), @ 85 deg air temp., water temp 81.
c. Dive Information: 91í for 20 minutes (total time), bottom temp 81 deg. Vis was great, from 20í down we could see the Princess. The Princess is caving in!!! There are several places that were there 6 months ago, now they are caved in!! Watch out entering the Princess. There is still one passageway that you can swim up, but beeeeeeeee careful. The dive was great, Vis great, lots of fish. I did a baby sitting for a non-current diver, so I did not get a chance to look for bugs (several were caught). It was worth the trip! We went down on the Princess and Penetrated Ann!! If youíve never dove the Princess, itís a must - ya really need to be Advanced Certified, the Princess does go down to over 100í at the prop.

A note about this dive: [Problem #1] While we were getting ready to go in the water, my dive partner noted her BC (recently purchased used) inflator was not working.
[ Problem #2 - not familiar with the equipment]. Another diver on the boat decided not to dive and gave her his BC.
[Problem #3] When we jumped in the water, my dive partner did not have enough weight to go down. Capt Bob came over and we put 3 lbs in her BC pocket. But - by this time, the rest of the divers were already on the Princess and well dispersed. I ususally go down with the dive master and follow the divemaster! Note the Princess is a deep dive, you can go down below 100'. When my dive partner was down to 1000 lbs, I said we should go up. There really was no other divers around the local area.
[Three swings and your out!!!] Well, I let the air our of my BC and kicked up - nothing happened. My dive partner was going op without me, I grabbed her fin and pulled her back down. I put some air in my BC and again kicked up - nothing happened!! I put a lot more air in my BC and really kicked up. Finially we started to go up, all the time I was putting air in my BC. We got to the surface and I was almost ready to dump my weight belt, I was still putting in a lot of air to my BC. I use a 120 cu ft steel tank and had lots of air. Well, when we got back on the boat, I took apart the valve on top of the BC used to deflate the BC, looked it over and put it back together. There were no visible problems. The second dive showed no problems with the BC!?. It was not a good feeling to be almost 100' down and no easy way to get up without sheding some weight from the weight belt!!!

Dive #2, 04-Oct-97, Saturday Morning dive #2
a. Dive Location: Bobís Flower Garden - Capt Bob missed the Breakers!!
b. Conditions: Typical Florida Clear Blue Skies (CBS), calm seas and Clear/Cloudy Blue Water (CBW), @ 85 deg air temp., water temp 81.
c. Dive Information: 72í Analog / 62í Cochran for 30 minutes, Vis around 30 feet (not the greatest). I think itís time to get rid of the Cochran Dive Computer . The first dive had 91í on both analog and Cochran - itís very very unreliable!! With the low Vis, most of the dive group each went their own way. By the time we made it to the bottom, the DiveMaster was out of sight! Ya really should make our plans ahead of time for this scenario - I just continue the dive and drift with the current! Capt. Bob dropped us off south of the Breakers, the current was drifting south - guess what - we did not get to see the Breakers. Accidents like that happen occasionally, I call the scenery Capt. Bobís Flower Garden. Thereís lots of bottom growth, lots of fish, just not much reef!!! But, It's better than going to work!!

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