West Palm Beach - Dive RAMPAGE! Mispah - Corridor

Mispah - Corridor drift dive West Palm Beach

The Corridor - This 1700 ft long drift dive encompassing the Mizpah, PC1170, Amaryllis, China Barge, Brazilian Docks and Rock Rubble is an excellent site with lots of fish and spotted eagle rays.

The Mispah was build in 1926 and was a 185' steel yacht. It is 1 1/2 miles from shore. It was sunk intentionally in 90' of water in 1968 as at artificial reef. The greek luxury liner lies almost intact. In Oct, 1991, a storm damaged the stern. The bow was open by the seas.

About 100 yards from the bow of the Mispah is the PC 1170 - a 165' steel military patrol craft sunk in 1968. It rests upright in two sections next to Mizpah Stern is 100 yards NE of Mizpah 100 yards from the Mizpah bow

Continuing with the drift we come across the Rock Pile ! This is a 100' by 50' pile of big rocks extended 20' from the bottom.

The next attraction along the drift is the Amarilys - it's 300 yards NE of the Mitpah. The Amarilys is (was) a 441 foot steel freighter. Only the hull and lower deck remain the superstructure was removed prior to sinking sunk in 1968 as an artificial reef, in 80' of water

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