Bacardi Limon Beach Dive Team

The Irishmans Dive Kayak Ready to go

The Irishman is playing around with Dive Kayaks. The dive tank is fastend in a hold behind the kayaker (covered with the green mesh bag). There is a 45 ft air hose that runs from the kayak dive tank to the diver underwater (in the kayakers seat). There's no BC to play with. The kayaker paddles out, when the selected dive location is found, he rolls off the side and tow's the kayak behind him via the air hose. An 80 cu ft Al Tank can last over an hour on a beach dive. Using the kayak it takes only minutes to get out to the third and fourth reef. I was on the reef before Patty and Dave made it 50 feet swimming. But - the setup time for the kayak and the amount of equipment to be carried to the water is large and heavy. And, as the kayak does prone to turn over on occasion, all equipment must be securly bungied in - there's never enough bungies!!

If you going a distance, the dive kayak is great. If you just going to do a beach dive, a BC is used! And, of course we always follow up each dive with a Bacardi Limon and Coke toast!

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