Sunday May 03, Dive Rampage in West Palm Beach

PADI Pete's Dive Buddies

When: morning 2 tanks, night 1 tank
What: We almost missed the charter boat, Rampage. Captain Bob had a 0730 departure because he was doing four trips that day so he started the day earlier. I had been confused when he told me 7:30 because the night dive was a 7:30 (1930) departure. I didn't realize that the a.m. departure was also 0730. Anyway, a quick call to his on board cell phone got him to come back and get us.
Visability: 50 feet
Seas: less than one foot
Water Temp: approx. 79F
Skies: Clear and visability unlimited
Air Temp : low 90F

Dive 1: Dove the wreck of the Mizpah. This was Mary Lu's first wreck dive. Jerry and I penetrated the wreck pushing our way through a couple of thousand glassy sweepers. Also saw a large queen angel on the wreck. Queen angels are uncommon in Florida waters. More common in the Caribbean.

Dive 2: Drift dive over the Flower Garden. Lots of pretty fish and coral.

Dive 3: Drift, night, over the Flower Garden and Breakers. Highlight was a large, sleeping loggerhead. Mary Lu's first night dive, two firsts in the same day for an enthusiastic and good diver.

Also saw blue angels, grey angels, French angels, rock beauty, bar jack, sergeant major, blue stripped grunts, tomtate, black margate,puffer fish, porcupine fish, white spotted filefish, scrawled cowfish, spiny lobster, spotted scorpionfish, tang, hogfish, Spanish hogfish,yellowhead wrasse, bluehead wrasse, spotted goatfish, hermit crab,barracuda, manta ray, stoplight parrotfish, princess parrotfish,trumpetfish, etc., etc., etc.

There is some talk of a trip to the Keys over 4th of July weekend. We'd probably head down after work on the 2nd (a Thursday). Anybody interested? The more folks I can get, the lower I can bring in the price.

Peter S. Goldberg
Father, PADI Scuba Instructor, LTC USAR
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