Sunday May 03, Dive Rampage in West Palm Beach

Dive #1 , My Dive # 112
A. Dive Location: Princess Ann
B. Conditions:. CBS (Clear Blue Skies), 80 deg, slight wind, calm seas, moderate current
C. Dive Information: Vis 40', temp 72 degrees at 97'. There were lots of fish, lots of BIG BARACUTTA (6 footers). I was giving an Orlando Dive Club Member his first view of the Princess. We went down to the boat deck and walked with our hands on the deck against the fairly strong current to get to the stern. Using your hands to walk and pull yourself along on the flat deck against the current really saves on air and energy. We then went down for a great view of the Princess's Twin Props. We drifted with the current back towards the ships bow along the deck area and ended up at the bridge. It was a great tour of the ship.

Dive #1 , My Dive # 113
A. Dive Location: The Breakers
B. Conditions:. CBS, slight wind, seas flat and 85 degrees!
C. Dive Information: This was probably my 20th dive at the Breakers - each dive was different. This one had the strongest current of any. We floated 2 feet above the bottom and for 30 minutes watched the beautiful Breakers Reef pass by. There were lot's of colors, coral, fish and a turtle. We spent 36 minutes under the water to a maximum depth of 55' and a water temp of 74 deg on the bottom.

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