Dive Tank. Yes, we dive with 38% NITROX. Our max depth is never more than 80 ft. Because when we go down, we each go our separate way's, we have no dive partner. The 19 cu ft poney bottle is our dive partner in case of failure of the main reg's. Note the real neat aluminum poney tank mount. It makes for ease of connect and release of the poney during tank changeover.

If you noted the Poney Bottle Strap, it's a solid piece of aluminum. The tank can be removed by pulling out only one pin. It's manufacturd by Ultimate Products Corp, and called the Quick Draw Bracked. There phone is 425788-7500 and the price of this tank holder is worth it's cost! http://www.quickdrawbracket.com/index2.ivnu

Last Updated: 29-Jan-2003

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