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Roatan Airport for Current Weather
George Town, Bahamas for Current Weather

Determining Current Conditions for diving.
And other Useful Diving Information

How to make the Dive / No-Dive decision based on weather! This covers from Sebastian Inlet to West Palm.

Ft. Pierce Tides : About 1 hour after the tide starts going out, the water will turn brown from the river water getting into the ocean water. This also goes for West Palm and diving on the Mizpah - outgoing tides muddy the water.

Marine Winds & How Big will the Waves Be?

Winds out of the West are good , out of the East and North East BAD , out of the South East if not strong may be Ok .
Winds of 15 knots out of the East at Lake Worth can coincide with 6 ft Seas at the West Palm Inlet. Most safety conscious dive boats WILL NOT GO OUT in these conditions.

1. Locations of NOAA Bouy's around Florida:

2. Current winds from the NOAA Lake Worth station , near West Palm - The hurricanes of 2004 have wiped out this station. Use the Jupiter Inlet CAM for current conditions.

3. Predicted winds from NOAA Marine Forecast

4. NOAA bouy's Main Data Home Page

5. NOAA Lake Worth Current Winds

6. The Weather Channel

To Dive or Not To Dive - Look at the winds:

[ For Boat Diving ] Wind...
N 10- 15.....-----.....kinda bumpy
NE 10- 15.....-----.....downright snotty
E 10- 15......-----.....not pleasant
SE 10 - 15.....-----.....not pleasant
S 10 - 15.....-----.....may be tolerable
W 10 - 15.....-----.....TIME TO GET WET!!

[ For Beach Diving ] Wind...
N 5 -.....-----.....Maybe *
NE 5 -.....-----.....Don't Go, Zero Vis, Dangerous Entry/Exit
E 5 -.....-----.....Don't Go, Zero Vis, Dangerous Entry/Exit
SE 5 -.....-----.....Don't Go, Zero Vis, Dangerous Entry/Exit
S 5 -.....-----.....Maybe *
W 10 - 15.....-----.....TIME TO GET WET!!

Maybe * = Look at the at: Jupiter CAM
Sebastian Inlet CAM - Click on "Looking straight east out towards the jetty"
If you see any waves, don't go Beach Diving!

Hope this helps...
A 15 knot East wind will generate 6 ft waves in West Palm and a "Good" Dive Boat will not go out!

Current Airport Winds and Conditions at :

1. At Melbourne Airport which sits about a mile west of the river.

2. At Vero Beach Airport . Vero Airport is on the River and should give the best indication of the winds near the ocean.

3. At Ft. Pierce Airport which sits several miles west of the river.

4. At Key West Airport , and Marathon Airport

Current Radar

1. Intellicast Radar of Florida Florida Doppler Radar you can see where the storms are, the storm intensity based on color, the height of the clouds and which direction there moving in.

2. WFTV.com, Channel 9 HD Doppler

3. WFTV.com, Channel 9 INTERACTIVE

4, Interactive Florida Weather - Weather dot com - Latest and Greatest

Life Guard Station

If your beach diving, you can call the lifeguard at some of the parks to get current conditions. They usually don't answer before 9:00 am. Note: Some of these numbers have changed per the Hurricanes of 2004!!

1. Golden Sand Park , 6.0 mi south of Sebastian Inlet bridge, lifeguard (772)-388-5483

2. Wabasso Park , 6.0 mi south of Sebastian Inlet bridge, lifeguard (772)-589-8291

3. Pepper Park , 15 mi south of SR 60 (Vero Beach), 2 mi north of Ft. Pierce Inlet, lifeguard (772)-462-1988, radio center (772)-462-2355


There are several internet video camera's for Live Beach / Inlet Shots :

1. Sebastian Inlet CAM - Click on "Looking straight east out towards the jetty"

2. Vero Beach Surf Cam Vero CAM

3. Jensen Beach, Martin County Jensen CAM

4. St Lucie Inlet St Lucie CAM

5. Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge - Beach View Hobe Sound CAM

6. Jupiter Inlet Jupiter CAM and Jupiter Web Page

7. South Lake Worth - Boynton Inlet Boynton CAM

8. South Beach Park, Boca Raton Boca CAM

9. Fort Lauderdale Lauderdale CAM

10. Marco Island Beach Marco CAM

11. Sloppy Joe's Key West - see who's drinking what?: http://www.liveduvalstreet.com/"

Hurricane Links
1. www.intellicast.com - IntelliCast
2. www.patrick.af.mil - Patrick AFB Good link for projected path
3. www.nrlmry.navy.mil - Navy Research Lab Good link for projected path
4. flhurricane.com - Central Florida Hurricane Center New Link for Wilma
5. www.srh.noaa.gov/ - Key West Long Range Radar New Link for Wilma
6. www.nhc.noaa.gov - NOAA Wilma New Link for Wilma
7. www.intellicast.com - Intellicast IR Loop of Wilma New Link for Wilma
8. hurricane.accuweather.com - Accuweather Pic New Link for Wilma
9. skeetobiteweather.com/ - Skeetobite Weather Pic New Link for Wilma
10. Satellite Pic - Aug 2007 - New Link for 2007

Florida Dive Groups

1. Join The Irishman's Diving E-Mail List. Drop an e-mail with the Subject of ADD TO DIVERS E-MAIL LIST!

2. Yahoo - Groups - E-Divers . Lots of diving along the SE Florida Coast by an Experienced Friendly Dive Group. This is probably the best Florida Diving Group on the net!

3. KSC Barracudas http://kscbarracudas.org . In Florida and Some of the BEST Out of Florida Dive Trips . Highly recommended for their out of state trips!

4. ScubaBoard.com http://www.scubaboard.com/ Follow the links to: Regional Travel & Dive Clubs - North America - United States - Florida Conch Divers. Here's a mix of local and out of state Divers doing all kinds of trips!

5. http://www.scubatalk.org/board/ An Interesting Diving Oriented Group!

6. http://www.scubaforum.org/cgi-scuba/akcs-www Just another Diving Link

7. http://shorediving.com/ Just another Diving Link

8. Single Divers http://www.singledivers.com/surfaceinterval/index.php Your looking for a Dive Partner:

Monthly Meeting in the Melbourne, Florida area:

1. 1st Wed of the Month , Space Coast Decender's Dive Club meets at Bunky's Raw Bar on A1A in Satellite Beach the 1st Wed of the month at 7:30 PM in the side room. Come on over, have a brew, eat some wings or oysters and talk about DIVING!! This group supports the Explorer Scout Dive Group, so if you have a 14 year old, bring them along also.

3. 2nd Tuesday of the Month , The Palm Beach County Reef Research Team - PBCRRT http://www.pbcrrt.org . Partake in Fish Counts on out-of-the-way reefs and wrecks, reef and wreck exam and marking]

4. 3rd Tuesday of the Month , KSC Barracudas Dive Club, http://kscbarracudas.org/ meets at a Merritt Island / Cocoa Library [ location may change ] on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM. This group does a lot of well organized and inexpensive Out-Of-The-USA Dive Trips.

5. 3rd Wednesday of the Month , The Space Coast Paddler's - http://www.spacecoastpaddlers.org/ - Your Local Kayak Club. If you haven't seen Ocean Kayak Diving, your missing a real thrill!

5. ?? of the Month Watterloggers Dive Club , meets at Beef-O-Brady's at Wickham & Lake Washington Rds:

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