Latest Flroida Diving E-Mail - 08-Feb-2003

Feburary Divers Update

Dive Club Meetings

Down Under Dive Club, 2nd Wed, 12-Feb-2003, Brevard Hyperbaric Chamber, 7:30 PM. Talk some serious diving!

KSC Baracudas Dive Club, 3rd Tuesday, 18-Feb-2003, Merritt Island Library, 7:00 PM. Again, talk some serious diving (out of country dives)

Up Coming Dives

Feb 15, Down Under Dive Club, Boynton Beach, There are still a few spots left !! Join the DUDC for a great dive out of Boynton Beach aboard the Starfish Enterprise on Saturday, February 15, 2003 for a great morning dive. The diving around Lantana and Boynton Beach never disappoints. The captain and crew of the Starfish Enterprise have always treated us like the certified divers that we are and we are allowed to dive at our own pace and time limits. Depths average 65 to 85 feet. The cost is reasonable at $45 for a 2 tank dive + tanks at $5 each (nitrox is $11 per tank). The boat never takes more than 16 divers, so hurry and reserve a spot today. Contact Debi or Gary @ 728-7243 or .

Mar 9, Down Under Dive Club Sunday Noontime Dive in West Palm on the Rampage - no getting up at 4 am to go diving!! At the boat at noon, $45. We are planning on diving the 4 180 foot freighters that make up the Governer's Reef. This is just outside of Double Ledges. Max depth around 90 feet. See my 16-Dec-2002 dive trip report. Lidar Survey of Governor's Reef , this map shows the Double Ledges Reef and the 4 Ships of the Governor's River Walk Reef - it shows the bottom at 90 - 100 feet !!!!

Mar 30, Down Under Dive Club Buch's 4 Tank Anniversary Dive, Debi at 728-7243.

Apr 6, Down Under Dive Club Club Picnic April 6, at Spessard Holland North Beach Park. Bring along a NEW DIVE CLUB MEMBER!

Apr 15 - 22, The Coral Reef Alliance Earth Day Help them reach their goal of recruiting 10,000 divers to sign the Dive In Pledge by Earth Day April 22, 2003. For more information contact Note: There will be several clubs diving on these weekends. The Coral Reef Alliance Earth Day

LuxferTank Trade-In program

PADI Dive Table Recall

West Palm / Jupiter Reef & Wreck Dive Locations & Pictures

If you like LOBSTER, you need to watch this:

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