Playing in the Florida Keys - 2002

Well as a summary of what to do when you spend another Holiday in the Florida Keys .

Memorial Weekend, 2002 , in the Keys - a break from reality!

Ya gotta start each morning with a great breakfast - Pic - and some good looking company! .

Unfortunately we had 20 mph winds that pretty much killed diving, snorkeling and kayaking! But the weather was great - Sunny, Warm, Clear Blue Sky's! And, even if the winds are too strong to dive / kayak Pic , you can still take out the Wave Runner - Pic .

And you always spend time in Key West:
Sloppy Joe's Pic ,
Capt Tony's Pic
Mel's Museum Pic lifting a bar of Gold Pic , looking at the 78 carat emerald Pic , buying some Gold & Silver Pic for your loved one! ,
Fast Buck Freddie's Pic , shopping for clothes Pic
Getting another Wayland Pic ture Pic , Pic .
Shopping in general Pic
Watching some of the strange sights Pic .
Eating at Mallery Pier Pic or just watching the Sunset Pic

And, while your walking around, you must sip on some RUM from Fat Tuesday's Pic Pic .

Back at the hotel , you can look over some of the strange growth's in the Keys Pic , and of course there's Party Time Pic Pic along with some strange visitors Pic Pic Pic . And your sure to hear a lot of Fish Stories Pic , but the Capt of the Ship will steer you clear Pic . But there's sure to be some Bugs around Pic .

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