Playing in the Florida Keys - 2001

Well as a summary of what to do when you spend a Holiday in the Florida Keys , here's a summary of some ideas: We are just finishing up a 20 mile bicycle ride along 7 mile bridge in Marathon . . We actually rode on the old bridge to the research station south of Marathon. And as part of all Key's trips, you must spend some time in Key West. And, if you've never seen what the Southern Most End of US 1 is like, here's a picture!

And, as we all know - Key West is Play Town! So here are some of the local establishments of lower learning: The Hard Rock Cafe , Sloppy Joe's , Margaritaville where you can get your Cheesburger in Paridise!! And, it's always nice to take the Key West Trolley tour. This get's you off your feet for an hour and you get to see all the knooks and cranney's of Key West. No tour (or crawl - however you do it) of Key West is complete without a stop a Mel Fisher's Musium . Here, you can see some of the remains of the various wrecks that were found along the Florida coastline. And, as part of the walkthrough, there's always some Gold necklaces that grab your attention. One of the exihibits contains a Gold Bar that you can hold and lift. It use to have a price tag on it of around $15,000. You can see the smile on Laura as she holds this piece of Gold!!!! And, look at Laura's SMILE as she picks out a Gold Necklace as a present!!

After a long day doing the Key West Crawl (Rum Runners to Go and Crawl from store to store), it's break time a Malery Pier in time for the evening show. The Irishman enjoys a Fat Tuesdays's Rum Runner at Malery Pier. And the two Love Birds stop to look over a small park outside of Malery Pier. Laura enjoys her Fat Tuesday's To Go at Sunset on the pier.

And, on the way back home from the keys, a stop off at one heck of a big Tail is in order. Who ever said you don't get enough tail when your in the keys?? But, back to diving, Laura and the Irishman prepare for a Key Largo dive . Into the water they go, off to explore the reefs of the Keys. And did you ever see someone On-The-Top from underneeth?? Or, here's the Irishman at 40 ft from the surface.

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