24-June, 2002

Boat: Paradise Charters

Location: about 20 miles East of the Port.

Description: We meet at 4:00 am at a marina in Port Canaveral. The boat left around 5:00 am. We all fixed up our dive gear prior to the boat leaving. The dive boat was a 67-foot diving liveaboard was setup very well for divers. The enclosed cabin was small. It was hard for all of the divers to relax in and the Captain did not want us below decks in the berths! I did manage to use one birth for an hour snooze on the way out. On the way out, the Coast Guard gave us a long once-over, as we were about to pass a cruise liner coming in. The ride out was pretty rough. The seas started at 3 ft and went 3 to 6 and then 3 to 8 ft. The dark clouds were with us most of the trip out and did not make for a pretty sight as a diver! The dive was canceled due to other technical problems and due to rough seas too rough for divers in the water.

Why didn't we dive? Well here are some pictures from the dive boat on the way out: Lot's of Spray , More Spray, Waves, Dark Clouds , and some real DARK clouds, and some more DARK clouds!

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