Bacardi Limon Beach Dive Team

Beach Dive Florida Florida - Dive the 1711 Wrecks 17-June-2001

Dive Trip Report to: Florida's Beaches!
Purpose: To Beach Dive Florida for old wrecks, cannon, ships, bugs etc!

Dive Reports:

Date / Dive #: Sunday, , Morning Dive. My Dive #
A. Dive Beach Location: Beach Dive -
B. Conditions:
Water Temp:
Skies: Typical Florida Sunny Clear Blue Skies!!
Air Temp: 80's
C. Dive Information:
Depth & Time: Me: Genesis Nitrox Dive Computer -
Air consumption: Me:
Description: Subject: looked for you among a sea of dive flags Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 07:13:13 EDT From: To: Vero was great! I got to Boiler wreck at about 8:30. I figured that I would just launch there and meet you on your second dive. As soon as I hit the beach I knew that I was going to have a problem finding you. I saw two or three dive flags in the water already and several cars unloading gear as I carried my kayak down to the beach. I checked out a few dive flags but as I got closer, I didn't see you so I figured it was the wrong group. Had the opportunity to explore reefs that I didn't get to before. About 50-100 yards beyond the wreck the reef line was pretty impressive. Lots of stingrays, schools of Snook and I was engulfed by a school of jacks that checked me out, went just to the edge of viz and turned around and gave me a second look. I swapped tanks around 10:30 and went out until 11:45 (it took me less than 10 minutes to come in from the reef, swap tanks and be back on the reef. (10:27-10:36). At 11:45 I called it quits because, believe it or not, there was a thermalcline (on the outer reefs the depth was around 20 -30 feet and cold!). The sun kept the water temp warmer in the shallows, once deeper than 15-20 the temp dropped quite a bit. Sorry I missed you, next time I'll try to get there earlier (I spent half an hour looking for equipent I didn't even use).

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