Saturday June 13, 1998 Dive Rampage in West Palm Beach

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Dive Trip Report to :West Palm Beach

From: "Peter S. Goldberg"
Subject: Dive Report - West Palm Beach - 13 June 1998

Where: West Palm Beach, FL
When: 13 June 1998

Morning Boat:Rampage, Capt Bob Johnson
Night Boat: Deep Obsession, Capt Jim Abernathy
Seas: 1-2 feet
Vis: 50 - 80 feet
Temps: Air: 90's, Water: 83 near surface, but underneath variable from 74 to 77. There was a south current in the morning bringing cold water. We experienced many sudden temperature shifts from cold to lukewarm. By nightfall, current dropped to almost nil and temps seemed warmer.
What: All were reef dives.
Dive 1:Flower Garden. At least that's what we hoped for. The current was strong and running southeast. We couldn't swim against it and were eventually carried over sand at 74 feet. Still, we saw a green turtle, two spotted morays, and several folks saw a sharptail eel.
Dive 2: Breakers. Much better current combination. Usual array of reef fish. Between the two dives, I photographed queen triggerfish, blue angelfish, rock beauty, trumpetfish, the greent turtle, spotted moray, longspine squirrelfish, blackbar soldierfish, spotfin butterflyfish, sergeant major, barracuda, sand diver, yellow stingray, not to mention all the species that I didn't photograph.

Dive 1: the Trench. Photography for me. Started just as sun went down. Photographed a green moray (several times), queen angelfish, juvenile stoplight parrotfish, lobster, lobster, lobster, batwing coral crab (I think), sergeant major, and grey angelfish. Also saw two spot cardinalfish, arrow crabs, and shrimp.

Dive 2: Breakers. Gorgeous again. No camera this time. Saw same great variety of fish. Add bearded fireworm and brittle stars to the list. Caught a batwing coral crab so Steve could get a better look at one. Also caught a one inch long honeycomb cowfish. It sat and hovered in my hand for Mary Lu, Randy, and Steve to admire. Lot's of lobster again. One had a fright as it walked underneath me, forcing me to attempt to grab it. (I used my left hand and missed.)

All in all, an incredible day of diving.

Next Trip: Sat, 20 June, morning only (you can stay longer), West Palm Beach.

Next Next Trip: 4th of July, West Palm Beach, late morning dive (depart about 11 a.m.), and night dive. I may make a stay a night or two for this one and add on some more dives. I expect the boats and motels to fill fast, so get with me on this and the other dive ASAP.

Morning dives are Rampage ($32., no tanks). I'll probably use the Deep Obsession again for the 4 July night dive. ($42. incl tanks).

PS - Someone in the Hydronauts, print this and share it with John Hiltner at a club meeting.

PPS - Those will be the last dives I schedule until late August. Although there is room on Peter Hughes boat should you want to meet me in Palau.

Peter S. Goldberg
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