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Beach Dive Trip Report to: Vero Beach, 03-June-2001

"Patti" Scubagirl's Dive Trip Report
Ok here's the dive report for last weekend. We did dive Saturday and Sunday morning but we'll call Sunday the first official Bacardi Dive because we did not partake on Saturday at all.

Sunday, June 3rd - Tracking Station - Vero Beach

Visibility 18' to 20' (yee-freakin'-haw!) Water Temp - who the heck knows....wore a 3mm shorty and would have just worn my skin if I had remembered to pack it....keep in mind though I am a bit of a polar bear. Depth- 83', just kidding 13-18' (it's beach diving the treasure coast, what do you expect?) Slight surge, current (very mild) moving to the south. Seas flat as can be.
Got in the water around 11:00, total dive time 1 hour 10 minutes.

Reef: worm reef on the 1st, rock on 2nd through 4th. Nice topography, no major ledges. Reef is a bit scattered.

Animal life: usual suspects (blennies, porkfish, grunts, sheepshead, etc) french, grey and queen angels, highhat, guitarfish (No, Paul Humann they are NOT rare here!) big arrow crab (relatively speaking of course) some lobsters (no major hotels, not that I would tell you people) one snook, and a partridge in a pear tree.
There were also TONS of little teeny tiny shrimp and little (non-stinging, thank god!) jellies everywhere. The jellies (about 1" to 3" long ) kinda glowed and were irridescent. Really neat....except I think I ate one while I was messing with my reg. All in all a very relaxing, easy dive. And you gotta love the price.
Was joined by my hubbie Dave and his flying buddy Jose. Did not have any Bacardi on hand (we missed you, George!) but did stop by the Fellsmere Bar aka the Sugar Shack on the way home for a rum and coke to finish out the day in true redneck diver style.
Hope to see people out at the Urca on Saturday! BTW, did anybody catch the mention of the Urca in last months Scuba Diver? They said that vis can reach up to 50' there. What the heck were they smoking? hahaha

Stay wet!
Scuba Girl

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