Bacardi Limon Beach Dive Team

Beach Dive Florida Florida - Dive the 1711 Wrecks 04-July-2004

Including the Urca de Lima

Dive Trip Report to: Florida's Beaches - Boiler Wreck, RT 60 Vero Beach
Purpose: To Beach Dive Florida for old wrecks, cannon, ships, bugs etc!

Dive Reports:

Pics: My New Yellow Dive Kayak , Same , Bug , Flag on the Boiler Wreck , Angie underwater , Karen getting back into her kayak , Karen underwater , Karen getting off the beach, dive gear on the kayak , Same , Wojtek and Angie

Date / Dive #: Morning Dive. My Dive # 466
A. Dive Beach Location: Beach Dive -
B. Conditions:
Water Temp:
Skies: Typical Florida Sunny Clear Blue Skies!!
Air Temp: 80's
C. Dive Information:
Depth & Time: Me: Genesis Nitrox Dive Computer -
Air consumption: Me:

Last Updated: 31-July-2004

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