Ft. Pierce: Pepper Park, Pre-Season Lobster Checkout

Dive Trip Report to: Ft. Pierce - Pepper Park, Sunday, 19-July-98

Purpose: Per-Lobster Season Bug Checkout

Dive #1: Dive # 138
A. Dive Location: Pepper Park
B. Conditions:
Visibility: 5' at the 3rd reef
Seas: 1' - small waves
Water Temp: 80 - 82 deg F / Covering: Used a 3 mm shortie with a lycra suite under it!
Skies: SCBS - Sunny Clear Blue Skies, no wind
Air Temp: 90's
C. Dive Information:
Depth & Time: 14' for 38 min
Air consumption: Not recorded
Current: None
Description: We dove Pepper Park in preparation for the upcoming Lobster Mini-Season. Out at the 3rd reef, vis was 5' - barely enough to find bugs. Out at the 3rd reef, no bugs were found, no fish were seen. It doesn't look good for the upcoming bug season.

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