Bacardi Limon Beach Dive Team

Beach Dive Florida Florida - Dive the 1711 Wrecks 09-July-2000

Dive Trip Report to: Florida's Beaches!
Purpose: To Beach Dive Florida for old wrecks, cannon, ships, bugs etc!

Dive Reports:

Dive #1: Saturday, 09-July, Morning Dive. My Dive # 314
A. Dive Boat / Location: Beach Dive - Pepper Park
B. Conditions:
Visibility: 0 to 3 ft {Very Poor Vis)
Seas: 1 ft
Water Temp: 78 deg
Skies: Sunny Clear Blue Skies, TBoomers to the West
Air Temp: 90's
C. Dive Information:
Depth & Time: Me: Genesis Nitrox Dive Computer -11 min to 10 ft
Air consumption: Me: 3700 lb to 3100 lb (120 cu ft)
Current: Nil
Description: Well, this was suppose to be a first of the year dive on the Boiler Wreck in Vero Beach. We all met there, but due to ground swells, which generated zero underwater visibility, we migrated to Ft. Pierce and Pepper Park! There were some novice and some experienced divers. Well, the entry went well! At the third reef, vis was 3 ft average - very bad. One new diver tried to keep up with the experienced ScubaGirl! That's a very difficult task! Our normal entry says, everybody swims out at their own pace and heads for the dive flag. When the flag holder goes under, they slow down! Well, this diver became exhausted and started back - etc. etc. etc! One snorkeler was wearing a borrowed lycra skin. The skin fit very loose and filled with water. This tired out the snorkeler! The main dive team did make a successful dive in very poor conditions! There was no group second dive - all went their separate ways!!

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