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And, Yes, I did get my 1st Degree Black Belt

Bicycling Pics
Bicycling Odometer readings Data
The Irishman after a 17 mile Hash (cross country) bike ride, the leg cut is from going over the handle bars at 15 mph when the front tire went into a hole!
Latest Hash [ 08 - 17 - 03 ]- 1 , 2 , 3

Beach Diving Pictures
Bacardi Limon Beach Dive Team Data Beach Dive - El Capitana & Senora de la Regila - Cabin Wreck , from the 1715 Spanish Fleet,
Irishman at 10' on a Beach Dive
The Irishman on the Ancient Mariner (52k) on a Pompano Dive, Gold Coast Charter: Under Pressure, Ancient Mariner (USGC boat) depth about 85 feet:
Florida Redneck, beach diving at the Rio Mar Florida Redneck
Beach Dive Team at Pompano Pic 1 , Pic-2 (Irishman middle right)

A collection of Lobster Pictures
bug-5 , bug-3 , bug-1 ,
bug-2 , bug-4 , bug-6 , bug-7 , bug-8 , bug-9

June-2005 Diving West Palm , Tarpon Springs - Hella Greek Bakery

Florida Lobster Dinner
The Irishman's Dive Gear *****

01-June-2003, Pictures: Bacardi Limon Beach Dive Team with the Rum Toast!!
The Irishman with: Arm in hole! , Arm WAY up in hole , Loads of eggs , Big Bug , Big Bug

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