After a Hash

08-17-03, After a Hash

Starting at Kelly Park in Merritt Island, this Hash , was about 5 miles on road and then 7 off road! The off road was through some very narrow trails (less then a foot wide) with grass growing about 2- 3 foot in the path. There was water, a canal, right along the left side of the path. Almost fell in once, but caught myself. The path vis was not more than about 10 feet. It would turn a right angle to the right and then a few feet down a left 90 degrees. The branches were low enough o hit you in the head. One branch caught my helmet visor and tried to trear off the helmet while I was still riding foward at 10 mph. Another branch slamed the helmet like a baseball bat. Got to look it over an see how bad it's cracked. It may be time for a new helmet for this year.

The Beer party (and chicken and wings et al) aferwards was great. One Orlando biker trying to take a shortcut just at the start ended up him and his bike totally sumerged in water and mud! And this is suppose to be fun??