Beach Dive Locations after the Hurricanes 14-Oct-2004

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Golden Sands Park
BDLocs-14Oct04-125_t.jpg BDLocs-14Oct04-125_t
The entrance to Golden Sands is blocked off.
BDLocs-14Oct04-126_t.jpg BDLocs-14Oct04-126_t
One path to the ocean looks undamaged.
BDLocs-14Oct04-127_t.jpg BDLocs-14Oct04-127_t
The parking lot looks OK!?.
BDLocs-14Oct04-128_t.jpg BDLocs-14Oct04-128_t
The beach access ramp looks good!
BDLocs-14Oct04-129_t.jpg BDLocs-14Oct04-129_t
BUT The other end of the ramp is gone - 20 ft straight down.
BDLocs-14Oct04-130_t.jpg BDLocs-14Oct04-130_t
And the life guard stand is just as bad - long way's to the sand below.
BDLocs-14Oct04-131_t.jpg BDLocs-14Oct04-131_t
From the access ramp, the path and rest of the park look Ok!