Sun Feb 01, 1998, Subject: Dive Report - West Palm Beach - RAMPAGE

Sunday, 01-Feb, Dive #1 My Dive # 102
A. Dive Location: Owens & Rolls Royce
B. Conditions: Typical Florida Clear Blue Skies (CBS), 0 kts winds, 1’ seas.
C. Dive Information: 87’ for 34 minutes (Yea old Unrealiable Cochran Captain Dive Computer read 83’), water temp 71 on the bottom (full wet suit). Vis was 50’, lots to see around the wreck. The Rolls is off to the side and coral encrusted. We saw 3 6-8’ Green Moray’s. One was just to the side of a large rock in the open sand. This big green beast would seem to reach to snap at anyone that swam overhead. Great dive, no bugs! Capt Bob originally was going to take us to the Princess but a sport fishing boat was over the wreck. The Amarilys had three dive boats already there, so we got to go here! Capt Bob - Thanks for the Dive Partner!!!!!

Sunday, 01-Feb, Dive #2 , My Dive # 103
A. Dive Location: Breakers - King Neptune Statue
B. Conditions: Typical Florida Clear Blue Skies (CBS), 10 kts winds, 1-2’ seas.
C. Dive Information: 65’ for 34 min (Yea old Unreliable Cochran Captain Dive Computer read 60’), water temp again 71 on the bottom. Vis also was good at 50’. There were lots and lots of fish - several big schools that you would swim through. This is my first trip to see King Neptune - yep a big statue in the middle of a sand area. The Breakers held up to their normal lots and lots of colors and coral. Three lobsters, at least, were seen, all too small to bring back. One spotted moray near one small lobster - I’ve heard before where there’s one there’s the other - watch out where you put your arms and feet!

On the return trip to Melbourne, the transmission on my 1987 Buick Regal Grand National died around Felsmere! A $100 tow home and transmission tear down revealed a busted 10 vane pump! It should be back on the road later this week - very lucky it wasn’t worse!!

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