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Subject: Keys stuff - DIVE KEY LARGO

Thanksgiving in Key Largo . Great Time! Trip Report Dive the Duane
Dive Trip Report to West Palm Beach then to Key Largo (4 Days, 14 Dives) Trip Report

Dive info: I've been making lots of calls and here's what things look like, at this point:
Room Cost (including the outragous 12.5 % tax): $40 2 double beds
Dive Cost (include 2 tanks and 7.5% tax): $40
Snorkle Cost (not includeing gear but including tax): $30
Snorkle Gear: (including tax): $5.40

Some people have voiced interest in also doing a night dive on Saturday night. I will check into prices for a night dive. (As of 18-June-98 the night dive is on).

Also, there has been some interest in getting prices on doing a Sunday afternoon dive as well as a Sunday morning dive. I can also check into this.

So far, I have 15 definite for the trip. The boat will hold a max of 25 divers with a total of 35. However, they do have 2 boats so if we go over the 35 (or over 25 divers) they will take out the second boat. Don't wait too long, though, because I will need to pay a deposit to hold the spots ASAP.

Also, this makes for a wonderful opportunity for those of you who wanted to go the Keys for mini-lobster season since mini season is July 29th and 30th. If you are planning on time in the Keys for mini season, you can come down with us on Saturday and stay the week. I have also had requests for information for folks who want to go down early Saturday morning and get an afternoon dive in as well as folks interested in a Saturday night dive. Here's the scoop:

Most dive operations are asking $40 for a 2 tank dive. Some include the tanks and weights, most charge as much as $8 per tank. Night dives are a single tank dive and run in the neighborhood of $45. Again, some include the tank and weights, most don't.

For those of you who would like to arrange additional dives for yourself, recommend the following shops:
Atlantis Dive Center - 1-800-331-3483
It's A Dive - 1-800-809-9881
Amoray Dive Center - 1-800-426-6729
Aqua-Nut Dive Shop - 1-800-226-0415

If you get the SCUBA News, the June issue lists shop after shop after shop.
The spaces for this trip are going fast. If you want to join us for this GREAT outing, please let me know ASAP. As usual, money talks. A $50 deposit will insure your space on the boat and a room at the hotel.

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