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Diving In Florida:  

Year 2006 goals are:
BUG Diving out of Stuart for the many bugs that I've gotten in the past years
La-La Diving in West Palm on Narcosis
Deep Wreck Diving in Key Largo [ Eagle, Bibb, Duane, Speigle Grove ]  

Upcoming Meetings:

5-April, 1st Wednesday of the month: Space Coast Descender's Dive Club, Bunkies Raw Bar, on A1A in Satellite Beach, 7:00 PM, Side Room. Come on over and see the "New" Bunkies, sip a brew, have some wings and talk diving! Info at 321-951-5163 or Irishman@Sprynet.com.  

11-April, 2nd Tuesday of the month: Palm Beach County Reef Research Team, West Palm [PBCRRT], http://www.pbcrrt.org/  

18-April, 3rd Tuesday of the month: Barracudas Dive Club, Tues , 15-Nov, 7:00 PM, Merritt Island Public Library, Courtney Parkway in Merritt Island. This is one of the best clubs for Out-Of-The-USA-Dive Trips

18-April, 3rd Tuesday of the month: Water-loggers Dive Club meets at Beef O'Bradys in Melbourne, at Wickham and Lake Washington at 6:30 PM. Water-loggers is associated with Sea Level Scuba Dive Shop in Melbourne  

19-April, 3rd Wed of the month, Space Coast Paddler's - your local kayak club, Eau Gallie Public Library [ Eau Gallie and the River in Melbourne, side room, 7:00 PM. - see their newsletter at http://www.spacecoastpaddlers.org  

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Upcoming Events:  

See Yahoo – Groups – E-Divers for some potential local dive trips  

April 21-23,  OceanFest in Lauderdale.  E-Divers usually runs some dive trips and patries so get on Yahoo - Groups - E-Divers.  This is a great dive show to see dive trips all around the world and meet your fellow divers.  There's usually various car pools going down and overnight rooms may be available.  

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Sea Level Scuba, 321-255,1825
April 1 - 2 , South Beach ,4 dives inc air, 1 night, $170, 2 Sat afternoon, 2 Sun morn
April 21, 22, 23 Spiegal Grove ,4 dives, 1 night, $249 / $289
April 29 - 30, South Beach, 4 dives inc air, 1 night, $170, 2 Sat afternoon, 2 Sun morn
May 19 - 21, Key West , 4 morning divees, 2 nights, air,$289
June 3 - 10, Belize, $1785 + 0-15% Gratuity, Depart tax $35, NITORX $15 per, party $15  

The KSC Barracudas also has a Nekton Pilot trip . We're going out July 8th-15th. We have 3 spaces left-one for a single guy and two for whoever wants to pair up in a cabin. Cost is $1716-and possibly less if you fill our trip, since we get one free with the 10th person and we split that up among the group. We are diving the Northwest Bahamas (Mt.Olympus and the Gingerbreads) and leaving from Ft. Lauderdale, so no air is involved. If interested, email Beth Shaffer (bbshaffr@aol.com) or call me at 453-6522. Beth  

27-Feb-06, Hello again. Thank you for putting out the word on the Nekton Cayman trip. We have filled nine spots and still need at least one more. The trip is $1855 (savings of $400) per person plus air fare. Spirit air has tickets for $272. If they have been on Nekton before they will get another $100 off. If you could send this out one more time I would certainly appreciate it. There are only four more spots left on the boat so if more than one person is interested they need to hurry. If interested contact me at matt99gators@yahoo.com or call 848-4733, Thanks again, Matt Russell

SeaDragons Dive Shop , Mike, (321)639-9233 We will be having the Grand Opening of our Titusville store next Saturday, March 4th. [ Sorry for getting this out late ] We are raffling off our last Atomic T1x titanium regulator! Entries are $5 and you can enter as many times as you like. We will be donating $0.50 from each entry to the Sea Turtle Preservation Society. The regulator will be on display at our Rockledge store. The drawing will be held at 5:00pm on Saturday, April 1st (no, this is not an April fool's joke!). You can enter for the drawing at either location for the entire month of March.
Good luck and happy diving!
We have several dives scheduled for the next few weeks:
- Saturday, March 25th 6:30pm Night Dive Narcosis Dive Charters West Palm Beach
- Saturday, April 1st 1:00pm Starfish Enterprise Dive Charters Boynton Beach
- Sunday, April 2nd 8:00am American Dream Dive Charters Ft. Lauderdale
- Sunday, April 9th 9:00am Jupiter Dive Center Jupiter
- Saturday, April 15th 1:00pm Narcosis Dive Charters West Palm Beach
- Saturday, April 15th 6:30pm Night Dive Narcosis Dive Charters West Palm Beach
These are all two tank trips. The cost is $45 (equipment rental and tanks extra).    

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Past Dive Trips:  

Got a few bugs a few weeks ago:
Couldn't get out this past weekend, but here they made a killing on Friday!    

Associated Dive Shops and Links  

Hatts Dive Shop , 2006 Front St, Melbourne, 321-676-1330, HattsDiving@cfl.rr.com  

Sea Level Scuba, 1701 N Wickham Rd,Melbourne, 321-255-1825  

SeaDragons Dive Shop , 265 Barnes Blvd, Rockledge, 321-639-9233, Titusville 264-2961  

E-Divers, Yahoo go to Groups, go to E-Divers . This is a Great Group of Experienced Divers mostly between West Palm and Miami that dive many times a week!  

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To Dive or Not To Dive - Look at the winds:

E 10-15... not pleasant
N 10-15... kinda bumpy
NE 10-15.. . downright snotty
S 10-15... may be tolerable
W 10-15... TIME TO GET WET!!
Hope this helps...  

[ a 15 knot East wind will generate 6 ft waves in West Palm and a "Good" Dive Boat will not go out ]!    

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