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Diving In Florida:  

Yep – still not much diving lately. Those 15 knot winds out of the East are killing us!  

Year 2006 goals are:
BUG Diving out of Stuart for the many bugs that I've gotten in the past years
La-La Diving in West Palm on Narcosis
Deep Wreck Diving in Key Largo [ Eagle, Bibb, Duane, Speigle Grove ]

This Friday / Saturday??
One Out-Of-The-USA Dive
Summer Beach Diving on the Urca and Boiler Wrecks among others.  

Upcoming Meetings:    

1-Feb, 1st Wednesday of the month:  Space Coast Descender's Dive Club , Bunkies Raw Bar, Satellite Beach, 7:00 PM, Side Room.  Come on over and see the "New" Bunkies, sip a brew, have some wings and talk diving!  Info at 321-951-5163 or Irishman@Sprynet.com. I did call and we are on the list for the Side Room!!  

10-Feb, 2nd Tuesday of the month:  Palm Beach County Reef Research Team [PBCRRT], http://www.pbcrrt.org/
If you hadn't noticed, every time the REEF team sets a day for a fish count dive, the conditions are BAD!  

17-Feb, 3rd Tuesday of the month:  Barracudas Dive Club , Tues, 15-Nov, 7:00 PM, Merritt Island Public Library,  http://kscbarracudas.org/  

17-Feb, 3rd Tuesday of the month:  Water-loggers Dive Club meets at Beef O'Bradys in Melbourne, at Wickham and Lake Washington at 6:30 PM.  Water-loggers is associated with Sea Level Scuba Dive Shop in Melbourne  

18-Feb, 3rd Wed of the month, Space Coast Paddler's - your local kayak club, Eau Gallie Public Library, side room, 7:00 PM.  - see their newsletter at http://www.spacecoastpaddlers.org  

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Upcoming Events:  

See Yahoo – Groups – E-Divers for a some potential trips  

Anyone want to go to Key Largo this Friday – Saturday, Feb 3-4 for some Deep Wreck Diving???   

Past Dive Trips:  

Not much with the local hurricane conditions, cold weather etc.  

Associated Dive Shops and Links  

Hatts Dive Shop, 2006 Front St, Melbourne, 321-676-1330, HattsDiving@cfl.rr.com  

Sea Level Scuba, 1701 N Wickham Rd,Melbourne, 321-255-1825  

SeaDragons Dive Shop, 265 Barnes Blvd, Rockledge, 321-639-9223  

E-Divers, Yahoo go to Groups, go to E-Divers.  This is a Great Group of Experienced Divers mostly between West Palm and Miami that dive many times a week!  

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