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Diving In Florida:

Year 2006 goals are:
BUG Diving out of Stuart for the many bugs that I've gotten in the past years
La-La Diving in West Palm on Narcosis
Deep Wreck Diving in Key Largo [ Eagle, Bibb, Duane, Speigle Grove ]
One Out-Of-The-USA Dive
Summer Beach Diving on the Urca and Boiler Wrecks among others.

Upcoming Meetings:

1-March, 1st Wednesday of the month: Space Coast Descender's Dive Club, Bunkies Raw Bar, on A1A in Satellite Beach, 7:00 PM, Side Room. Come on over and see the "New" Bunkies, sip a brew, have some wings and talk diving! Info at 321-951-5163 or Irishman@Sprynet.com. I did call and we are on the list for the Side Room!!

14-March, 2nd Tuesday of the month: Palm Beach County Reef Research Team, West Palm [PBCRRT], http://www.pbcrrt.org/

21-March, 3rd Tuesday of the month: Barracudas Dive Club, Tues, 15-Nov, 7:00 PM, Merritt Island Public Library, Courtney Parkway in Merritt Island. http://kscbarracudas.org/
The February edition of the Barracuda Bulletin is now online. As ever:
1. Go to our website at http://kscbarracudas.org.
2. Click on the "Barracuda Bulletin" bubble.
3. Click on February 2006.
Remember, it's dues time! Get your renewals in before the March deadline.
William Little littlewl@mindspring.com

21-Feb [ That's TOMORROW NIGHT ]

21-March, 3rd Tuesday of the month: Water-loggers Dive Club meets at Beef O'Bradys in Melbourne, at Wickham and Lake Washington at 6:30 PM. Water-loggers is associated with Sea Level Scuba Dive Shop in Melbourne

15-March, 3rd Wed of the month, Space Coast Paddler's - your local kayak club, Eau Gallie Public Library [ Eau Gallie and the River in Melbourne, side room, 7:00 PM. - see their newsletterat http://www.spacecoastpaddlers.org

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See Yahoo Groups E-Divers for a some potential trips

Past Dive Trips:

Bug diving on Sunday, 19-Feb The Irishman finally got to dive and got some bugs out of Stuart today:
Got some small bugs over the weekend
Trip Report
Here's where we went:

Associated Dive Shops and Links

Hatts Dive Shop , 2006 Front St, Melbourne, 321-676-1330, HattsDiving@cfl.rr.com

Sea Level Scub a, 1701 N Wickham Rd,Melbourne, 321-255-1825

SeaDragons Dive Shop , 265 Barnes Blvd, Rockledge, 321-639-9233, Titusville 264-2961

E-Divers, Yahoo go to Groups, go to E-Divers . This is a Great Group of Experienced Divers mostly between West Palm and Miami that dive many times a week!

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Interesting Stuff:

February 2006 Walkers Cay Update

Well, boys and girls, it's been a while. As for me, I am still in the middle of completely rebuilding the Funny Feelin Too. Hope to have her back in the water in April or May. As for Billy Black ( the other Walkers Cay Guide) he has landed a job running a New 60 ft Hatteras and will be going back to the Bahamas, based in the Marsh Harbor area. I wish this was a new fishing report from Walkers but unfortunately it's not. Attached is an artists rendering, concept drawing of what Walkers may become. I will be the first to say that if Walkers goes buy the way of this drawing, you can have it. For years many of us went to Walkers Cay to visit and enjoy Bob Aplanaps little slice of paradise. For the fishing, diving and of course, dock parties. For the most part we had the place to our selves and enjoyed every minute of it. If you remember in one of my last fishing reports, after hurricanes Francis & Jeanie, I said Walkers as we know it was over. When you look at the attachment you will see what I was referring to. A reliable source says this will be a product of "Cay Clubs" headed by Dave Clark. Some 550 Living units, studio condos and private homes priced in the $500K to $5 million range. Membership fees @ $50,000.00. Some 350 wet slips, also with a membership fee in the $50K range. Slips expected to be in the "several hundred K" range. I do understand that people have to make money and looking at a Minimum $ 50 Million investment the new owners would have to have some kind of Condo / Villa / Boat Slip project to sell, just to recoup some of the investment capital. I never expected this kind of density. Well, we will just have to wait & see if it all happens. If it does, You can have it.
********FYI****** Walkers is still open for Clearing In country (Customs & Immigrations) and Rosies on Grand Cay Has Fuel, Water, Dockage and some rooms. Also many of our old friends are still on grand to help you in any way they can.
http://www.irishmansoftware.com/dive_jpg/Walkers_Cay_Renderings.pdf [ 1,825 Kb it's not a small file ]

The Irishman
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