Dive in Key Largo

The Eagle

The Eagle is a 287 foot freighter - the former Aron K. She was sunk in Dec 1985 in 110 ft of water. She lay's on her side with the profile starting a at 70' to the bottom at 110'. There's two 70 ft by 20 ft open cargo holds. These are awsome to dive in - go in the holds and out the blast holes. The stern section is broken off and on an angle to the main section. All the parts are still on it's side. At mid ship, there's a bridge like structure that has a fun swim through (front to stern of the ship). The broken stern section has some interesting open areas. The stern also has some interesting swim areas such as the bridge area which is on a real wierd angle!

As for fish life, there's one monster of a Jewfish - it's estimated to be 300 - 500 lb range! I've seen her and say it's on the 400 - 500 lb range. Some have called her a VW Bus under water. There's also lot's of big tarpon. I'd estimate there length at 5-6' and 150 lbs. I was able to get within 1 - 2 feet for picture taking! There not afraid of divers or camers. The Tarpon are swimming all around the wreck, mostly around the broken section 20 ft off the bottom. There was a large school of large spade fish also swimming around the broken section.

The Association of Underwater Explorers - Florida Shipwrecks

The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Shipwreck Trail , The Eagle

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A Big Grouper, The VW Bus it's called! We estmated it's length to be 10 feet! Pic taken from on top of the Bow of the Eagle looking down into the sand. Color Pic: BIG Jew Fish - Color.htm , Enhanced, inlarged B and W Pic: Big Jew Fish - B and W.htm

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