Dive in Key Largo

Coast Guard Cutter - Duane.

Coast Guard Cutter - Duane. Sunk 27-Nov-1987, @ 1 mile south of Molasses light tower. She rests upright, faces southwest. The deck is at 90-100’, the crow’s nest goes up to 50’. There are boat tie-off’s on the bow, crow’s nest and the stern. The current can sometimes be treacherous (very very strong), requiring the dives to go up and down the tie off rope’s. While decompressing at 15-20’, it is not uncommon to hold onto the rope and have your bodies sideways from the current. It can sometimes force off your mask! The prop can be seen at 120’ The intact vessels were prepared to accommodate divers. You can swim from one side to the other on some of the super-structure’s, you can see the exit when you enter.

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