West Palm Beach - Dive RAMPAGE! 19-Dec-98

Dive Trip Report to: West Palm Beach
Purpose: TO DIVE

Dive Reports:

Dive #1: RAMPAGE My Dive # 163
A. Dive Location: Princess Ann
B. Conditions:
Visibility: 60'
Seas: Getting Rough - Winds SE 15, Seas 3-6'. 5 of the 21 divers abord rode the rail between the 1st and 2nd dive.
Water Temp: 75 on the bottom
Skies: CBS - Clear Blue Skies with some clouds over land!
Air Temp: 70, and 80 in the sun!
C. Dive Information:
Depth & Time: Me: Genesis Nitrox Dive Computer - 101' for 27 min Me: Analog - 100' Me: Cochran Captain Dive Computer (Unreliable) - 97' for 27 min
Air consumption: Me: 3500 to 1500 lbs, (120 Cu Ft.
Current: Mild to Medium
Description: I had the Dive Master as a dive partner. We jumped in and went right for the bottom. No Ship! Well after a minute of swimming with the current, there was the Princess! There were lots and lots of schools of small fish! There were not many big ones! We made our way up towards the bow and down the Port side. As mentioned before, there's a real big hole in the Princess's side on the Port side. Again, we could see across the inside of the ship and see openings along the deck on the other side, but we didn't enter. We worked our way back to the stern on the bottom and around the two big four bladed props. The dive master tied off the bouy and we worked our way back up the Starboard side looking for bugs! No Bugs! Nothing big! No big groupers, no big parret fish, no big baracuda etc. It was still a very pretty dive. As we worked our way back to the stern, I noticed I had one minute of computer time left at that depth - had lots of air (2000 lbs) but no computer time left at 95'. So, we ended the dive and started up. On the way up, there was one diver about 20' above us, going up the bouy line. This diver had what looked like yellow fins. About 10' below him were three baracuda (about 4' long) swimming on a 45 degree angle up and looking at this divers fins! As we approached, the cuda left the area!

Dive #2: RAMPAGE My Dive # 164
A. Dive Location: Breakers
B. Conditions:
Visibility: 30' (not the greatest, but!?.)
Seas: 3 - 6' and building. On the trip to the breakers there were many divers riding the rail! The Great Ship Rampage was really getting thrown about in the seas.
Water Temp: 71 deg on the bottom
Skies: Same as above - CBS
Air Temp: 70's and maybe 80 in the sun.
C. Dive Information:
Depth & Time: Me: Genesis Nitrox Dive Computer - 64' for 33 min Me: Cochran Captain Dive Computer (Unreliable) - 61' for 33 min
Air consumption: Me: 3000 to 700 lbs (80 cu ft) - I was going through the air on this dive.
Current: Mild / Medium.
Description: On the bottom, we drifted to the north. Again, there were lots of schools of small fish (6" to 1'). I did see for the first time, one octapus on the bottom. It was about 1 1/2' across and was making its way to a hole. Only because it was moving could it be seen - it was a brownish color matching the color of the coral. There was one spotted eel inside a hole. One keeper size bug was seen, but again, as I approached within a foot with the stick, it ducked back into it's hole. That's how it's stayed around so long! There wasn't any big fish, go green moray's,etc. But the breakers colors were out, lots of browns, red's and some orange's!

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