Beach Dive Florida For Lobster

Dive Trip Report to: The Reefs off of Vero - By Wayne!
Purpose: Get Lobster by Wayne:

Went diving / lobstering / spearfishing at the 2nd (?) reef off of south Vero Beach today. From deep water it goes up to 14 feet then drops to 20 toward shore.

Seas and wind were calm until the afternoon onshore breeze started. Visibility was from less than 2 feet to almost 10 feet, depending on depth and clouds/sunshine. Average was 5-6. Lots of silt made it zero vis whenerver we touched bottom.

My boat, "Dances With Sharks" confirmed its name. Less than a minute after spearing a fish, I was harassed (not quite attacked) by one or two agressive bull sharks. Although I only saw one at a time, I don't think just one could have made so many passes so close together from different directions. The first few passes were at maximum visibilty range. Successive passes got closer until I hit one with my spear gun twice, and one slipped in and bumped my catch bag. I was sitting still, with my back against a ledge. After I released a trigger fish, I only noticed 2 or 3 more passes. Keep in mind the vis at that time was 10 and my neck does't swivel 360 degrees.

Conclusion: I do not recommend anyone snorkeling in the area. Any divers need to stay very close together and keep a sharp lookout in all directions. No, thank you. I won't be beach diving this weekend.


P.S. After releasing females and shorties, and losing 3 out a bag, my buddy and I boated 23 lobsters.

Last Updated: 10-July-2002

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