Beach Dive Florida - Dive the 1711 Wrecks 07-Aug-98

Dive Trip Report to: Florida's Beaches!
Purpose: To Beach Dive for old wrecks, cannon, ships, bugs etc!

Dive Reports:

Dive #1: Saturday, 07-Aug, Morning Dive.
A. Dive Boat / Location: Beach Dive - Pirate Ship and the Boiler Wreck!
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From: Patti
Subject: Saturday Dives

I'm afraid you missed some pretty cool dives, George! Victor, Craig, Wayne(helicoptor), Tom Hunt, Janelle, Mike and myself showed up at the Pirate Ship. Wayne and Tom (who was free diviing) took off one way and Craig, Janelle, Mike and I went the other. Of course, Victor wasn't there yet when we entered the water :) Reef wasn't particularly teeming with fish, but it was ok. HOWEVER, on our northern leg of the trip. We found the HUGE anchor and chain from the ship. COOL BEANS! I also caught two lobster but they were too small. oh, well. LOTS of the lobster out there, but small.

We headed down to the boiler. Luckliy, since it was low tide it was totally visible from the surface. So we had no problem whatsoever finding it. Janelle and Mike were not able to go with us because his WIRELESS gauge thingmaboob wasn't working. So...Tom, Craig, Victor, Wayne, and I hiked it out there. Once we got to the wreck, Tom, Wayne, and Victor again kind of went their own way, and Craig and I buddyed up. There were tons of barracuda (I was loving it) and a huge school of extra-extra-large snook. I have never seen such a large school of such large fish before! The boiler is really cool but about 3/4 through our tanks we had pretty much seen it all so we went lobster spotting on the reef surrounding it. Saw quite a few, but again kinda small. Afterwards, Victor, Craig, Wayne and I went to Krusty's (down the block) for lunch. I don't know about anybody else, but I had a great day. Wish you were there, your presence was definitely missed! :) Give me a call when you get back into town.
Super Scubagirl

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