Bacardi Limon Beach Dive Team

Beach Dive Florida Florida - Dive the 1711 Wrecks 04-Aug-2000

Dive Trip Report to: Florida's Beaches!
Purpose: To Beach Dive Florida for old wrecks, cannon, ships, bugs etc!

Party for for SnorkelLady (Member of the Bacardi Limon Beach Dive Team):
SnorkelLady started: 1:00 PM.
Other Guests started to arrive: 4:00 PM
Party Ended: 4:00 AM
Items Consumed:
1/4 Keg of Beer
4 Gallons of Tequila (Unknown how many cans of Limeaide were used to make Pitcher's of Margarits'a!
Lots of Hamburgs, Hot's, Linda's Egg Roll's, rice et al!
Two person's were known to talk to the Great White Telephone!

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