Dive Trip Report to : Venice Beach for Shark’s Teeth (Sat 26-Apr)
Dive #1 , My Dive # 108
A. Dive Location: Venice Beach at the end of Venice Ave, Venice Fl (South of Sarasota)
B. Conditions:. CBS (Clear Blue Skies), 81 deg, slight wind
C. Dive Information: Water 6” waves, Flat Seas, Max Depth 20’, Vis - on bottom 4” (4 inches), water temp 73 deg - 3 mm full wet suite. This was a 1 hr 15 min drive from Satellite Beach to Orlando to meet the Orlando Dive Group. Then 2 hours and 15 minutes later we arrived at Venice Beach (at the end of Venice Ave). We met “Sharky” in the parking lot, in a van with a sign stating he would buy all shark teeth:

Sharky showed us his teeth - WOW! If you go to Venice for teeth, call Sharky for advice first! Thanks Sharky for lending us your special scooper!!! Well, back to the dive. I swam about 100 yards off shore, dove down to zero vis. I had my hand in front of me to detect the bottom. Well, after spending all this time going to Venice to get teeth, I decided to use my navigation skills (I’m an IFR rated pilot) to go around the bottom to find things. Well, with my hand in front of me, scraping the mud (with gloves), I found many many sand dollars about 1/2 inch below the top. Occasionally, I found a shell, which when put 2” in front of my mask showed a shell, sometimes with an aggravated renter - the renter put their 2 mm claws out in distress. Those were put back in the mud!!! Sharky says, the big teeth are found out where I was by the buoy’s. Sometimes it is clear out there!!!
Well, after spending 40 minutes IFR, I decided to go back to shore and see what was available at the shoreline. I had brought a “SandFlie” scraper with me. It proved to be invaluable in picking up shells and finding teeth. You really need about a 1’ x 1’ - 2” x 2” wood box with 1/8 - 1/4” wire webbing on the bottom to sift the shells. Yes, I did find about 5 teeth, one about 1” long! Wow, 9 hours of driving, 40 minutes of diving, hours of scraping on the serf for a 1” long tooth. My advice, buy it from Sharky!!!
Venice does have a Shark Tooth Fest - See my flying for Aug for info, or buy it from Sharky on the Internet!!
Was the trip worth it, Yea, it was better than working - and never did this - this way - before!

Dive Trip Report to : Ft. Pierce, Pepper Park (Sun, 26-Apr)
Dive #1 , My Dive # 109
A. Dive Location: Ft. Pierce, Pepper Park
B. Conditions:. CBS, Wind SE at 5, waves 3’ (mild - but not for a novice).
C. Dive Information: This trip was sponsored by the Satellite Beach Space Coast Descenders. We meet at Bunkies, 2nd Wed, 7:30 PM.
CBS, winds SE 5-10 kts, waves moderate, max depth 10’, vis 1’, temp 73. This was a supprise, on Friday, the local life guards reported vis forever. Due to an 8 am high tide, we arrived at Pepper Park at 7:30 (up at 5:30 etc). The group represented members of the Space Coast Descenders, members from the Palm Bay Down Under Dive Club and a local Explorer Group. We had a total of 10 divers show up for the dive.
Well, this trip was an introduction to beach entries for several people. A few new beach divers had problems with the entry. This was a learning experience for them and I'm sure that they will do better on the next beach dive. My group made it out through the surf, and out about 100’. We then went to the bottom, vis 1’ and swam IFR SE, past the 1st reef to the second reef. Our introduction person, P.C., meet with a ray at the 1st reef. The ray gave her one big electric shock. Being 6” from her, I also felt her jolt!! Well, we continued to the 2nd reef. I knew we were at the 2nd reef, because I hit it with my mask! Dave and team went to the 3rd reef and had 10'-12' of vis out on the third reef until the water went dirty about 30 minutes into the dive. One diver ran out of air!!! !! She had a run-a-way, sand in a reg and she is not familiar with local conditions and procedures. This was her second surf entry, ever! All they needed was someone experienced to tell them when to flop on their backs and kick like hell.
It is important to dive this sight considering the tides. High tide was at 8:00 AM which means that by 9:30 AM the river water had ruined the vis. Next time we dive this sight, it will be when high tide is closer to 11:00 AM so we can get a good dive and not have to get up so early.
Ft. Pierce, Pepper Park is a great place to dive, this is the 1st time for poor vis. When lobster season opens in Aug, we’ll be back. The price is cheap - cost of an air refill and round trip 50 miles each way for gas.

Additions / Corrections by Emily & Dave 29-Apr-98

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