Sun Apr 13 1997, Subject: Dive Report

Hey there dive people!!!

This weekend was almost a washout for diving. Originally we were goingto dive on Koller's Reef out of West Palm on Sat. It was going to leave at 10:00 am (great for non early birds!!), do 2 dives, have lunch an then do one more dive - air included! But - as you may know, we got rained and winded out.

Sunday was suppose to have winds from 200 degrees at 13 with gusts to 19 with 40% chance of T boomers. But, Sat night, the weather was OK, so I made arrangements with a buddy newly 'C' carded flying buddy to go to the The Rampage out of West Palm. We left Melbourne at 5:30 am (It doesn't bother me - I'm an early bird). The boat left at 8:00 am with clear blue skies, no wind, seas calm to 1'!! There were only 8 divers on board along with two mermaids (2 beautiful female dive masters).

The first dive was 90' at the South Double Ledges . Temp on the bottom was 75 degrees, vis about 40' (not really great). Lots of small fish, coral and all kinds of stuff to look at. It was a drift dive with a moderate current. The second dive was the Breakers (where else) to 65'. Same temp, vis and current. We did see one nice size bug - out in the open just laughing at us (bug season is over). Although, I've been to the breakers dozen's of times, this was a new area. There were lots of ledges and under ledges with lots of fish and stuff. It was a great day, polished off the weekend real great.

I'd really like to encourage you'all to get your buts back in the water. We use to go to West Palm every other weekend. It's about time to start it up again. Car pooling really takes the edge off of the drive.

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