Beach Dive Locations after the Hurricanes 14-Oct-2004

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Ambersand Beach Access
BD_053104-175x.jpg BD_053104-175x.jpg
PRE HURRICANE Ambersand Park
BD_053104-176x.jpg BD_053104-176x.jpg
PRE HURRICANE Ambersand Park
BDLocs-14Oct04-145_t.jpg BDLocs-14Oct04-145_t
Ambersand is closed, but the fence is also down.
BDLocs-14Oct04-146_t.jpg BDLocs-14Oct04-146_t
Ambersand is closed, but the fence is also down.
BDLocs-14Oct04-147_t.jpg BDLocs-14Oct04-147_t
The stairs going down is passable.
BDLocs-14Oct04-148_t.jpg BDLocs-14Oct04-148_t
Looking to the north is trash and shows washout.
BDLocs-14Oct04-149_t.jpg BDLocs-14Oct04-149_t
Looking back at the walkway shows missing feet in depth of sand.
BDLocs-14Oct04-150_t.jpg BDLocs-14Oct04-150_t
To the south is trashed.
BDLocs-14Oct04-151_t.jpg BDLocs-14Oct04-151_t
The walkway and parking lot look Ok!
BDLocs-14Oct04-152_t.jpg BDLocs-14Oct04-152_t
Except for the house to the north - now air conditioned!@
BDLocs-14Oct04-152x_t.jpg BDLocs-14Oct04-152x_t
Air conditioned in a big way.