2022-Aug-20 Bike Sebastian with Shifting Gears Meetup

(Followed by kayaking that night)

Shifting Gears - A reallly GREAT Meetup Cycling Group

Highly Recommend, People Frendly

Any bike allowed, except normal speed ia 10-12 mph

Slow enough for my Fat Tire Bike


Stats Outgoing, Sebastian River to Trans Florida Central Rail Trail - Fellsmere

Standard Map Outgoing

Satellite Map Outgoing

Leg after off road CRASH - The Story:

We were headed west on a sidewalk in bright sunlight

Turned Right into shaded woods and over a small wooden bridge

About a 6" drop at the end of the bridge, then you made an immediate left

Just after the drop, my bike went down to the left

I still don't know what happened, but it was fast

Video -1 Of Off Road CRASH Bike Rash Crash

Video -1 Outgoing Video Outgoing


Stats Return

Standard Map Return

Satellite Map Return

Video -1 Return Video Return


And Lunch was French Toast at Mulligans on the water - Twas GREAT

Kayaking Turkey Creek, Saturday Night

15' 0" L x 24.00" W, Current Design, Vision 150, with Rudder,

Cockpit 35.20" L x 17.20" W, Composite Hybird, 48 lbs

Very nice beginners Sit-In Kayak .

This was a slow paddle almost down to the dam

Babysitting some newbies on SUP's


Standard Map

Standard Map Expanded

Satellite Map

Satellite Map Expanded

The Irishman


***** Florida *****