Kayak 2021-Oct-27 Lower Wekiva Wilsons to Highbanks in a 17' Vision 150 Sit In

I did not realize til looking at the Map that this river flows NORTH, like the St Johns

Lower Wekiva Wilsons to Highbanks - Map

Lower Wekiva Wilsons to Highbanks - Satellite

Lower Wekiva Wilsons to Highbanks - Stats


Launch Location

Lunch Location

End of the run - red/white is my Vision 150

End of paddle - take out is next to the sign. This is the St Johns River.

YouTubes of the 3 Gators Seen Today.

The pics aren't that great as we were moving fairly fast past them

Also camera is set on a wide angle


A-Lower Wekiva Starting Out

B-Starting to Paddle

C Lower Wekiva Kates Landing 1st Gator

D Lower Wekiva Coninuing

E-Lower Wekiva Exiting from Lunch

F Loweer Wekiva Gator at 730

G-Lower Wekiva gator join St Johns River

10' Gator is on the left, going by him fast.

One kayak went past him very close and the gator went under their kayak

Video 1st Gator

I went by this 8' gator on my right, very close. As I was passing he went under my kayak

Video 2nd Gator

Bit gator is slightly to the left of my bow, BIG ONE.

I did not want to get to close as that would scare him into the water and I wanted the rest to see him.

Video 3rd Gator


Trip Videos to come


The Irishman


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