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Learning Chemistry - By The Irishman Software

Updated 07-Feb-2020

The current Learning Chemistry Program Version will train and test you on:

Chemical Name to Structure
Structure to Name
Balancing Chemical Equations
Complete and Balance Chemical Equations
Add Starting Weights to the Above

This is an expermental version,
The basic version has been working for many years
With many years of development work involved in it
I've spent the last year adding "Weights" to the reacions and re-writing some of the graphics
Please any problems and recommendations to:


Download the current copy from here
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I've Ziped the program to ease it's download and execution

Download Problems: Norton: Turn it off til you download it

If you know of a better way, please let me know!

Supported Screen Resolutions

Width Height Comment
1600 1200 Works Ok
1600 900 Works Ok
1280 1024 Work Ok
1280 960 Works Ok
1152 864 Works Ok
1152 864 Width is Filled
1024 768 Width is Overfilled
800 600 Not Satisfactory

Screen Shots (Previous Versions)

Main Screen

Chemical Name to Formulae


Main Screen

Chemical Formulae to Name


Main Screen

Student put in the Incorrect Formulae,
Ca instead of Ca2


Main Screen

Help Screen explains why an answer is Incorrect!


Main Screen

Balancing Equations


Free Program to Help and Test you on

Name to Structure and Structure to Name in General Chemistry

Written by a former Professor of Chemistry

There are several options:

Selection of:


Future Updates Include:

Author's Background:

Updates Fixed:

17-May-2015: Completed adding Starting Weight to the Chemical Reations. Re-rote the graphics display functions. Tested most functions, but there's still some things to clean up.

06-June-2013: Changed demo time period to 3 months

26-Oct-2012: No Program Changes, updated expiration date

21-Mar-2012: No Program Changes, updated expiration date

30-Sept-2011: No Program Changes, updated expiration date

10-Aug-2011: Added a comment screen when entering Reactions

08-Aug-2011: Improving Chemical Reactions - First Release of Chemical Reactions
All functions of Balancing Equations seem to work
If you have any problems, please e-mail them to me

24-July-2011: Improving Chemical Reactions
Selection of the input [ coefficient or formulae ] and inputting of data is kind of working!
Occasional crashes trying to balance an equation
Still need to add comparing students input to correct answers!

18-July-2011: Continue to work on Chemical Reaction
Data input for the Chemical Name is still an abortion and needs work!

03-Apr-2011: Changed expiration date to 60 days from 30 days
Cleaned up bug in selecting Chem 1045 data
Started to add Balancing Equations

03-Mar-2011: Updated expire date

28-Jan-2011: Minor changes to the AI Engine that process's the students response

04-Jan-2011: Minor changes to the AI Engine that process's the students response

07-Dec-2010: No Changes, just updated the compiled program date

08-Nov-2010: Updated Non-Metals to use specific elements
This should fix some of the previous crashes when selecting Non-Metals

20-Oct-2010: Re-Working Student Respons Analysis
Ya may get some crashes or bad responses, if you do, please e-mail them to me Chemistry@IrishmanSoftware.com

26-Oct-2010: Improved Structure to Name
Improved the responses to incorrect Structure to Name

15-Sept-2010: Fixed Inputs on Student Input Screen
The Process Data button is bigger, the Student Input Field will ignore the "Enter" button

12-Sept-2010: Fixed process of Name to Structure processing
IImproved responding to incorrect answers showing where the students errors are!

25-Aug-2010: Fixed some labeling bugs.
Improved interpretation of Students Response, add more B&W to Help as to why your answer is wrong!

1-Aug-2010: Fixed some labeling bugs.
Added student help with the "WHY" button to answer how to answer the question.

09-Aug-2010: Changed the method of generating the 4th screen [ structure, name, student input ] and color.
Started adding student help with the "WHY" button to answer how to answer the question. More is still needed in this interface.

30-June-2010: Modified "Generate" button

28-June-2010: Fixes startup error on Win-7 and some XP systems.

08-June-2010: Added Formulae to Name and an option to randomally select either [ Both Option ]

18-May-2010: Added selection of Cations / Anions / Acids and debugges some!

26-Apr-2010: Added additional books and Cation/Anion/Acid user selection

28-June-2010 Corrected a startup problem with Win-7. This should correct all startup problems with all versions of Windows!!

30-March-2008: Ah! A Startup Problem and the initial program would not work due to a missing dll problem. I've changed the compile options and now it does work on another computer. Sorry for the Problem - Blame Microsoft and Visual Studio 2008!!

31-Mar-2008: Still working on some other minor bugs. This versiou should start and run on your computer, but the "Process Data" button does not seem to work!


URL: http://www.IrishmanSoftware.com/Chemistry.htm

E-Mail: Chemistry@IrishmanSoftware.com