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College Level Chemistry Lecture Notes

Updated 05-June-2016

These notes are presented here to aid students taking Chemistry (1025, 1045 and 1046).

As these notes may not be related to your current text book, the material may be presented in a different order

But, Chemistry has not changed much in the past 50 years, so these notes may be of use to you

Notes, definitions, explanations and examples of the various concepts of General Chemistry are presented.

All Chem Students Should Know This

1 .....Notes Chemistry Conversion Units 14-May-2009.pdf

2 .....Example Units in Multiplication 01-Sept-2008.pdf

3 .....Titration Notes 19-Oct-2009.pdf

4 .....Notes Titration Notes Standardizing NaOH against KHP 28-Oct-2009.pdf

General Chemistry Notes

1 .....Balancing Equations Problems 26-Feb-2008.pdf

2 .....Balancing Equations Rules 26-Feb-08.pdf

3 .....Chem Reaction Solving Sequence 22-Apr-2009.pdf

4 .....Reactions Calc amount of product 26-Feb-2008.pdf

5 .....Naming Compounds Rules 15-Feb-2008.pdf

6 .....Naming Polyatomics and More 10-July-2009.pdf

7 .....Writing Formuale & Equations 23-June-09.pdf

8 .....CHN Calculations Examples 26-Feb-2008.pdf

9 .....Periodic Table 11-Feb-07.pdf


1 .....First Lab pH Chlorine Alkalinity 25-Aug-2012 - Procedures for the lab

2 .....First Lab pH Chlorine Alkalinity 02-Sept-2009 Student Answer Sheet

Chem 1045 Lecture Notes, Fall 2013, Kotz/Treichel/Townsend, 8th Ed

-----Kotz Ch 1 Basic Concepts of Chemistry 2013-Aug-20.pdf

-----Extra Notes Ch 1 Chem All Conversion Units Equa Balancing 20-Aug-2013.pdf

-----Extra Notes Ch 1 Example Units in Multiplication 01-Sept-2008.pdf

-----Extra Notes Ch 1 Basic Conversions 26-Aug-2013.pdf


-----Kotz Ch 2, Atoms Molecules and Ions 2013-Aug-26.pdf

-----Extra Notes Ch 2 CHN Calculations.pdf

-----Extra Notes Ch 2 Naming Compounds Problems 11-Sept-2009.pdf

-----Extra Notes Ch 2 Naming Compounds Problems & Answers 11-Sept-2009.pdf

-----Extra Notes Ch 2 Naming Compounds Rules 15-Feb-2008.pdf

-----Extra Notes Ch 2 Naming Polyatomics and More 10-July-2009.pdf


-----Kotz Ch 3 Chemical Reactions 2013-Sept-08.pdf

-----Extra Notes Ch 3 Balancing Equations Rules 26-Feb-08.pdf

-----Extra Notes Ch 3 Balancing Equations Problems 26-Feb-2008.pdf

-----Extra Notes Ch 3 Chem Reaction Solving Sequence 22-Apr-2009.pdf

-----Extra Notes Ch 3 Writing Formuale & Equations 23-June-09.pdf


-----Kotz Ch 4 Stoichiometry 2013-Sept-26-b.pdf


-----Kotz Ch 5 Prinicpals of Chemical Reactivity 15-Oct-2013-b.pdf


-----Kotz Ch 6 Structure of Atoms 22-Oct-2013.pdf


-----Kotz Ch 7 Structure of Atom 29-Oct-2013.pdf


-----Kotz Ch 8 Bonding and Molecular Structure 06-Nov-2013.pdf


-----Kotz Ch 9 Bonding and Molecular Structure 09-Nov-2013.pdf


-----Kotz Ch 11 Gases and Their Properties 30-Oct-2013.pdf


-----Kotz Ch 12 Intermolecular Forces and Liquids 18-Nov-2013.pdf


-----Kotz Ch 13 Chemistry of Solids 25-Nov-2013.pdf


Chem 1046 Lecture Notes, Fall 2012, Kotz/Treichel/Townsend, 8th Ed

14. My Lecture Notes .....Chem 1046 Lecture Ch 14 Solutions and Their Behavior 25-Aug-2012.pdf


15. My Lecture Notes .....Chem 1046 Lecture Ch 15 Chemical Kinetics 05-Sept-2012.pdf


16. My Lecture Notes ......Chem 1046 Lecture Ch 16 Equilibria 17-Sept-2012.pdf


17. My Lecture Notes ......Chem 1046 Lecture Ch 17 Acids and Bases 01-Oct-2012.pdf


18. My Lecture Notes ......Chem 1046 Lecture Ch 18 Aqueous Equilibria 16-Oct-2012.pdf

6 ......,.Chem 1046 Lecture Ch 19 Entropy and Free Energy.pdf

7 ......,.Chem 1046 Lecture Ch 20 Electron Transfer Reactions.pdf

8 ......,.Chem 1046 Lecture Ch 23 Nuclear Chemistry.pdf

8 ......,.Chem 1046 Lecture Ch 10 Carbon.pdf

......Files to help you with the Iodine Clock Lab Experiment

-----Lab-1 ......,Chem 1046 Lab Iodine Clock Lab.pdf

-----Lab-2 ......,Chem 1046 Lab Iodine Clock Calc.pdf

-----Lab-12A ......Chem 1046 Lab Ex 14B Help Sheet.PDF

Previous Lecture Notes

Chem 1025 Lecture Notes - gotta find them!

Chem 1045 Lecture Notes, 2009, General Chemistry by Ebbing Gammon, 9th Ed

-----Chem 1045 Chapter 1 An Introduction to Chemistry 26-Aug-2009.PDF

-----Chem 1045 Chapter 2 Atoms, Molecules and Ions 06-Sept-2009.PDF

-----Chem 1045 Ch 3 Calculations with Chemical Formuals and Equations 03-Oct-2008.pdf

-----Chem 1045 Ch 4 Chemical Reactions 27-Sept-08.pdf

-----Chem 1045 Ch-5 The Gaseous State 17-Oct-2008.pdf

-----Chem 1045 Ch-6 Thermochemistry 24-Oct-08.pdf

-----Chem 1045 Ch-7 Quantum Theory of the Atom 26-Mar-2009.pdf

-----Chem 1045 Ch-8 Electron Configuration and Periodicity 06-Apr-2009.PDF

-----Chem 1045 Ch-9 Ionic and Covalent Bonding 06-Apr-2008.pdf

-----Chem 1045 Ch-10 Molecular Geometry and Chemical Bonding Theory 12-Apr-2009.pdf

-----Chm 1045 Naming Charts 14-Sept-2009.pdf

Chem 1046 Lecture Notes, 2009, General Chemistry by Ebbing Gammon, 9th Ed

-----Chem 1046 Ch 11 States of Matter 29-May-09

-----Chem 1046 Ch 12 Solutions 15-May-09

-----Chem 1046 Ch 13 Rates of Reaction 30-May-09

-----Chem 1046 Ch 14 Chemical Equilibrium 05-June-2009

----Chem 1046 Ch 15 Acids and Bases 16-June-09

-----Chem 1046 Ch 16 Acid-Base Equilbiria 27-Nov-2008b

-----Chem 1046 Ch 17 Solubility 27-Nov-08

-----Chem 1046 Ch 17 Problems

-----Chem 1046 Ch 18 Thermodynamics and Equilibrium 24-Nov-2009

-----Chem 1046 Ch 19 ElectroChemistry 11-July-09

-----Chem 1046 Ch 19 Electrochemistry Answers

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