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College Level Chemistry, General Notes that you should know!

Updated 06-June-2016

These notes are presented here to aid students taking Chemistry (1025, 1045 and 1046).

As these notes may not be related to your current text book, the material may be presented in a different order

But, Chemistry has not changed much in the past 50 years, so these notes may be of use to you

Notes, definitions, explanations and examples of the various concepts of General Chemistry are presented.

All Chem Students Should Know This

1 .....Notes Chemistry Conversion Units 14-May-2009.pdf

2 .....Example Units in Multiplication 01-Sept-2008.pdf

3 .....Titration Notes 19-Oct-2009.pdf

4 .....Notes Titration Notes Standardizing NaOH against KHP 28-Oct-2009.pdf

General Chemistry Notes

1 .....Balancing Equations Problems 26-Feb-2008.pdf

2 .....Balancing Equations Rules 26-Feb-08.pdf

3 .....Chem Reaction Solving Sequence 22-Apr-2009.pdf

4 .....Reactions Calc amount of product 26-Feb-2008.pdf

5 .....Naming Compounds Rules 15-Feb-2008.pdf

6 .....Naming Polyatomics and More 10-July-2009.pdf

7 .....Writing Formuale & Equations 23-June-09.pdf

8 .....CHN Calculations Examples 26-Feb-2008.pdf

9 .....Periodic Table 11-Feb-07.pdf


1 .....First Lab pH Chlorine Alkalinity 25-Aug-2012 - Procedures for the lab

2 .....First Lab pH Chlorine Alkalinity 02-Sept-2009 Student Answer Sheet

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