Beach Dive Locations after the Hurricanes 14-Oct-2004

Note: I'll continue to update these pics with captions.
Last Update 26-Oct-2004. Just updated with some Before Hurricanes Pics!
08-Nov-2004 added link to Riverwalk Pics

Divers, Swimmers, Snorkelers, Kayakers et al:

Well, last weekend, I drove from Stuart on Hutchinson Island north, crossed back to the mainland at Ft. Pierce and then back to the beaches. I tried to stop at all parks and beach access's between Ft. Pierce Inlet and Sebastian Inlet. The news is not good. At Pepper Park there's about a 5 ft drop from the end of the pier to the sand. The park is NOT closed at this time, but may be in the near future. All of the lifeguard stands are GONE! As you go north towards Vero - ALL the parks are closed [ except one in Vero for swimming ]. There are a few beach access just north of Pepper Park.

Vero had the worst damage - 10 to 15 ft drops to the sand in some places. Going north towards the Sebastian Inlet, the drop goes down to maybe 5 to 10 ft. Ampersand just south of Sebastian Inlet is closed, but you can walk to the beach.

I've taken about 130 digital camera images, made thumbnails of them an put them out on this page. Over the next few days, I'll label all the pics, put up higher resolution or links to hr pics - so, come back again in a few days to see where these locations are and more info. They start at Pepper Park in Ft. Pierce and stop at Ambersand Park near Sebastian Inlet.

And the last 2 pics are of Hatts Dive Shop in Melbourne. Hatts took on a lot of water, the roof caved in. Mike said there hoping to re-open around the 1st of the year. To those NITROX divers, Hatts is the only shop [ worth going to ] that does partial O2 / Air fills. The other shop [s] use membrane without good filters - you'll need to get your tanks NITROX cleaned again if you go to them. That's a BIG AW SHIT!

And I'm sure you've heard by now, the Mighty Rampage was sunk by the hurricanes. Were all hoping that Capt Bob can resurrect the business - Bob - we do miss diving with you! We also have a very big group that's willing to help you on any boat you get to get it ready for the water!!!!!

George / The Irishman
West Melbourne, Florida

Pepper Park, Ft. Pierce

Ocean View Estates and BeachSs Going north

Round Island Park

South Beach Park, just south of Rio Mar.

Rio Mar Park and Road just north

Humiston Park, just south of RT 60 in Vero

Rt 60 Vero - The Boiler Wreck

Jay Cee Park in Vero

Vero Beach Inn and Condos to the south

Tracking Station and FITs Facility

Turtle Trail Park Beach Access

Sea Grape Park Beach Access

Wabasso, just north of Disney

Golden Sands Park

Treasure Shores Park

Ambersand Beach Access

Hatts Dive Shop in Melbourne

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Palm Beach County Reef Research Team
Wadespage of the Riverwalk Wrecks in West Palm Beach

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